TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

6 health problems you’re not too young to have

If you think being young makes you immune to disease and major illness, think again. Dr. Evelyn Minaya and Dr. Mark Zoland describe six health issues you could be facing at an early age, like cholesterol and heart disease.

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>>> there are a lot of medical problems that if you're young might feel a long way off but it's never too early to start talking to your doctors about heart disease , cholesterol and fertility.

>> which health issues should be been concerned about.

>> he's a surgical specialist with general and lap karoscopic surgeons of new york. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let's start with women and cholesterol which you say is the biggest one for you.

>> nobody young ever thinks about cholesterol. i run. i did the 5-k last weekend. no one talks about cholesterol. i tell them to get screened every year. in pregnancy cholesterol actually goes up naturally. so that if you're starting off up here, you need to lower the bar and changing your life style is important.

>> what other risks of high cholesterol ?

>> because of heart attack . everybody thinks it's only guys that do it but we as women --

>> heart disease .

>> heart disease is the number one killer among all men and women. it can even effect blood flow to the baby.

>> speaking of reproduction, a lot of women are sensitive to this subject but you say every year that biological clock is ticking.

>> that's right.

>> you have to be on top of it. you do. you have to take yourself seriously. you have to have realistic expectations. we get older. our ovaries do get older. i'm not telling you to do all of your infertility testing now but be on a mission and if you don't not find your prince charming because there is no prince out there, just a better frog, then i think really you should look at talking to your gynecologist and talk about freezing your eggs and doing things like that.

>> i had trouble with both of my kids in my 30s.

>> right.

>> that was a wake up call for me. you think you have all the time in the world but you don't.

>> you don't.

>> fibroids, especially, they turn out to be benign tumors. all of a sudden it's big. there's things you can do. even birth control pills.

>> real quickly, alcohol consumption as well. ladies, what should we be concerned about? how much is too much?

>> well, it's not a popular subject and ladies it's cocktail hour i get it. one drink a day or more and usually it's more, can put you at an increased risk for health issues including breast cancer believe it or not. i'm telling you to do it in moderation.

>> a glass of wine every night is okay?

>> it's okay as long as -- even one, the studies have actually shown it can increase your risk slightly more. more will increase your risk more.

>> all right. let's get to you and health issues for men starting with heart disease since we did touch on the women with cholesterol. men need to be on top of this too.

>> right. especially we think of heart disease as something in the 50s and 65-year-old age range but studies have shown that at 30 years of age, 35 years of age, you're seeing up to 10% of people have heart disease in their arteries. even though people aren't having heart attacks at that age, these people can end up having problems as time goes on. the increasing of coronary artery disease is something we see. you need to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

>> 35 or 45 years old. what's the best thing i can do about that?

>> get off the couch. stop smoking . smoking is the number one risk factor .

>> all right. mood disorder is another thing a lot of guys don't think about but the median age for problems is in your 30s.

>> it is. and with this problem, it's treatable. it's something that there are very good medications out there. you don't think about this but if you're depressed for longer than two weeks, you should talk to your doctor. get to your doctor. if the diagnosis is made, the medications are good and testicular cancer .

>> yeah. it's a good thing to get checked for. the most important thing is a change in the sensation that people have. if you have a full sensation. if you have a heaviness, this painful feeling in the bottom of your abdomen, this could be a precursor. think about the male in his natural habitat . he has his hand on the remote and the other hand is where.

>> yeah.

>> i know you know --

>> speak for yourself.

>> well.

>> we're going to have to wrap it up there. don i wanted to know what