TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Author Veronica Roth: I’m done with ‘Divergent’ trilogy

The author of the popular book series “Divergent” tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer about the ending of the trilogy and the upcoming movie adaptation.

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>>> four years ago veronica was earning a degree in creative writing but now she is one of the hottest authors in the world. the third and final book in her popular trilogy called aligent is out. it's number one on amazon. printing up 2 million books. could you have imagined this when you were tolling away on the first book years ago.

>> no. well i was in my parents house in rubber ducky pajamas.

>> after the success of the first two did it put pressure on you for the last one in the series?

>> well, i think i learned how to focus only on the story. how to shut out all of those external voices and try to try to find the most authentic story possible. i kind of learned that with the second one so when the third was coming out i was able to focus.

>> i was reading one review and it described the book as ruthless. do you know where they're coming from?

>> i guess i understand why they would say that. but to me, what happens in the third book feels like a very satisfying end to a lot of the characters stories. so i don't know if it was ruthless so much as earned i hope.

>> you have some of these long lasting characters and you showed no mercy to some of them.

>> well, i don't think i have ever set anyone up to believe that any of the good characters were safe. i mean in the first two books we certainly from our share of losses.

>> right.

>> so it's in keeping with the tone of the trilogy.

>> the first one comes out in the spring?

>> march.

>> you were on the set in chicago.

>> yeah.

>> what was it like for you? these characters only lived in your imagination and on a page. what was it like to watch actors and actresses playing them?

>> it was pretty incredible because i wasn't sure that anyone would be able to capture the characters i devised but on set i realized howell they had done with casting. they felt very real to me as the characters that i had written.

>> now, let's do this, we have so many people that are fascinated by this series and so we have carson over in the orange room and he has tweets from some of your biggest fans. carson , what do you have?

>> i do. our viewers are super psyched. what is the scariest thing about finishing the divergent series ?

>> the scariest thing? i think the scariest thing is letting it out into the world and just trying to let go of it and, you know, as an author, the second that the book hits the shelves it starts belonging to you and starts belonging to a lot more people. the scariest thing is the pressure to make them feel like the ending is satisfying.

>> carson , do you have another?

>> yeah, one more quickly, will you consider expanding the series?

>> will i consider expanding? you know, i really planned the arch to end in this place. i feel like the ending i am proud of it and happy with the way it ends. i think it ties up all the stories that it needs to and i'm happy with the way it ends right now. as of now have no plans to expand.

>> there was a little wiggle room right there.

>> we got it. we appreciate you taking the time to answer their questions.

>> thank you for posing them. veronica, congratulations.