TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Bardem: Cameron Diaz gets frisky with a car in new movie

Actor Javier Bardem tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that a strange sex scene takes place in his new movie “The Counselor,” involving his on-screen girlfriend Cameron Diaz and a car, and talks about filming the movie in his home country, Spain.

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>> pain. meantime, we have an oscar winner with us this morning. he won an oscar for his role as an assassin in no country for old men. in his new movie he plays a night club owner that dabbles in drug trafficking .

>> if you pursue this road you embarked upon, you will come to decisions to will take you completely by surprise. you won't see it coming at all.

>> i intend to take this up as a trade.

>> a one time deal, right?

>> which you heard 1,000 times.

>> no, but what sort of happens is after a couple of deals, they set up shop across the street.

>> how does that workout for them?

>> not well.

>> so that would be moral issue.

>> not for me.

>>> nice to see you. welcome back.

>> thank you.

>> he is a character this guy. he is over the top . the way he dresses, the hair. he is also a guy completely insecure about women. why?

>> well, it's written that way. we should ask him why. i think he is a person always trying to pretend to be somebody that he's not. he is always selling that idea to the rest of the people.

>> he's not all good. he's not all bad. which is what makes most characters pretty interesting.

>> certainly. he is a person that is a victim of the counselor himself.

>> there is a scene in this movie that's going to get a lot of attention. your girl frefriend is played by cameron diaz . there's a sex scene in this movie and cameron diaz has sex --

>> with a car.

>> not in a car, with a car.

>> with a car. this is a very early show.

>> considering we both need to keep our jobs, your reaction, just give me the best part of the whole seen, it's your character's reaction. give me the facial expression.

>> there's no way. what would you do?

>> exactly what you did.

>> it's a fascinating movie. i love the characters you bring to the screen. they're so rich. please come back and bring us more. you're a classic.

>> i mean, i'm ready. as soon as they offer me, i will be there.

>> well done.

>> thank you very much.