TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Surprise! Al Roker thrills ASU TODAY superfans

A viral tweet from two Arizona State University upperclassmen showed off their fandom of the show with a decked-out dorm room, even decorating their dorm halls with a TODAY theme. TODAY’s Al Roker visits the fans and NBC’s Doug Meehan reports.

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>>> go over to carson in the orange room for the story behind some of the "today" show's biggest fans. what do you have?

>> it all started a few months ago when arizona state university senior got our attention with an instagram video and this tweet here, where she writes to you matt, check out our today show themed floor at taylor place asu . matt you tweeted back. love the greeting, go asu . everybody at asu started writing us. it would be a dream come true for all of us to be on the show. so that's where we're at now. kpnx anchor is there this morning. doug, how are you?

>> good morning, we're outside asu 's taylor place. this is the home to asu journalism students. they use the "today" show as a teaching tool and as you can see on queue, these kids are not shy about their love for today. [ cheering ]

>> reporter: this from asu students showing support for the "today" show has gone viral.

>> today show is on.

>> how many years have you been watching the "today" show.

>> since i was probably six or seven.

>> these upper classmen are the brains behind the morning show madness. they created and decorated the halls of the dorm in a today show theme.

>> we have our main wall here welcome to today. so you get to see the huge sign.

>> this is where in the world is matt lauer . and of course he's right here on the board. these are what we like to call our mug shots and we have all the coffee mugs with the four anchors, matt, savannah, al, and natalie.

>> reporter: the goal of these upper classmen was to share the passion they have for the show in new york with the new kids in the desert. question is, did they learn anything? the only way to truly tell, break off a little today show trivia. question one, who joined today in 1994 .

>> matt lauer .

>> there it is. matt lauer .

>> reporter: second, what is the famous studio that plays home to today.

>> studio 1 -a.

>> 1-a, right there.

>> reporter: and finally, what's al's catch phrase for his adoring fans.

>> my people.

>> yeah.

>> thank you, arizona state .

>> reporter: now this story is not without a bit of controversy. as you all know, savannah went to the university of arizona .

>> boo.

>> reporter: they did put her mug shot on the wall. but carson, it was at the end of the hall.

>> doug, thank you very much. by the way, savannah's twitter is count is getting lit up.

>> they're trash talking me on twitter.

>> meanwhile, let's bring in asu students. ladies, good morning to both of you.

>> good morning, matt.

>> so it worked. you actually got on the show with this tweet and this little video you sent us.

>> yes. it did. this is a complete shock to us.

>> it's nuts.

>> we are nuts. we're so excited.

>> but we are so thankful that you guys wanted to put us on the show. thank you so much and all of us here are super excited.

>> guys, i'm so excited about it. i love asu . of course i love university of arizona . let me ask you, do you think you could bring this down south for the wildcats. why don't we get it going here for the whole state?

>> nice try, though.

>> good effort.

>> and a smart answer ladies. listen, we wanted to thank you. for all the attention you have given us and for all the love you have shown us, we wanted to thank you but we tried to figure out what do you get for the sun devil who has everything. so we think you came up with something you're going to like. so let's present the present.

>> hey. [ cheering ]

>> go easy on him ladies. we need him back.

>> you get an al roker , and you get an al roker .

>> everyone gets an al roker .

>> hey, al, can you hear me?

>> no.

>> al, can you hear us?

>> al, can you hear us.

>> asu , asu , asu .

>> we want to mention al did manage to keep this a secret.

>> are you guys surprised?

>> yeah.

>> so i know, look, i didn't respond to your tweet. i just retweeted you so i figured i had to come and give you the love in person.

>> there you go. man. and i love wearing that head. walking around in that for the last 24 hours .

>> stay away from keg parties al.

>> al is going to do the weather from there for the rest of the show. so everyone at arizona state , thank you so much.

>> you mean the rest of