TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Prince George gets 7 godparents on christening day

The newborn heir to the British crown has been assigned seven godparents by his mom and dad Duchess Kate and Prince William, one of whom is Zara Tindall, the second-eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> all eyes are on st. james palace in london this morning where it's a special day for the duke and duchess of cambridge. there's a live shot there. prince george is being christened. keir simmons is there this morning.

>> reporter: good morning. let me show you of the list published for guests for the christening. there are 22 people only invited for a small ceremony interwoven with memories of princess diana because perhaps with her in mind what you take away from all of this is william and kate 's determination to protect prince george for as long as possible from the pressures of royal life. since prince george 's first public appearance he has hardly been seen. so last night crowds camped out for a glimpse.

>> george is special.

>> magical.

>> magical.

>> reporter: but hidden behind the walls of st. james's palace today will be an intimate ceremony. the six god parents include zara tindall, william van cutsem and emelia jardine-paterson who is kate 's friend.

>> we're trying to make sure the child grows up within a family structure as much as possible.

>> george will be baptized by the arch bishop of canterbury that says he's like any obey by.

>> all babies are unbelievably special. there will be great times and tough times like with all children.

>> reporter: though not all babies are christened in a palace steeped in history. it was here diana's coffin lay before her funeral. william remembering his mother at every step of life. 31 years ago princess diana had to stop her son from crying during his christening picture.

>> she put her finger in his mouth. a marvelous picture.

>> reporter: this was charles after his baptism and the queen for hers but william and kate have chosen a showbiz photographer who has pictured clare danes and emily blunt to photograph prince george . a picture that will echo through the ages.

>> and that picture will be historic too because in it will be four generations of monarchs and future monarchs. the queen, prince charles , prince william , and prince george all in that picture.

>> keir simmons , thank you very