TODAY   |  October 23, 2013

Shooting survivor meets brother of hero teacher

The brother of slain math teacher Michael Landsberry met middle schooler Jose Cazares, who survived the shooting as the Sparks, Nevada community honored the memory of the teacher, who was shot by a 12-year-old student at the school Monday. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>> in nevada are learning more about the 12-year-old that opened fire at a middle school killing a teacher there. nbc's joe fryer is in sparks again this morning following the investigation. joe , good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. investigators say the 7th grader took a handgun from his home but they still don't know why he opened fire before taking his own life. this morning, the school remains closed but out front there's a growing memorial paying tribute to a heroic victim. in the minutes following monday's shooting there was a desperate search for answers by anyone connected to sparks middle school .

>> i drove through a barricade basically just to get some information. to have somebody talk to me.

>> reporter: reggie landsberry was looking for his big brother mike. he soon learned mike was the only gunshot victim that didn't survive.

>> i'm still in shock, man. it's unbelievable. it's like a terrible dream. terrible.

>> reporter: but as the hours passed he also learned how mike physically put himself between the 12-year-old shooter and students like jose cazares who spoke to us yesterday on today.

>> he was telling him to stop and put the gun down and then the kid yelled out no, like, yelling at him, then he shot him.

>> reporter: police say landsberry actions gave other students a chance to escape.

>> i love my brother and i wish he was here but thank goodness he would help in anyway possible.

>> reporter: that bravery was no surprise to students that gathered around a growing memorial that pays tribute to landsberry. the teacher they called batman because he loved the super hero so much.

>> he just touched our heart in ways we can't explain. he was a real life changer.

>> reporter: that's why jose and his mother wanted to meet reggie landsberry.

>> he's a hero to everybody.

>> reporter: so they could thank his family in person.

>> i'm glad you're safe. i'm glad you're okay.

>> reporter: so far police have not released the name of the 12-year-old shooting suspect. back to you matt and savannah.

>> all right, joe fryer in sparks, nevada. thank you.