TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Frightful and delightful Halloween cupcakes

Food Network Challenge judge Kerry Vincent teaches Kathie Lee and Hoda how to decorate fondant for a tasty cupcake topping. Are the ladies better butchers or bakers? She’ll be the judge!

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>>> it's time to take you into "today's kitchen" with a quick lesson in decorative desserts to put everyone in the halloween spirit.

>> yeah, whether the goodies are homemade or store-bought, you can make your own with fun decorating ideas from carrie vincent. she's a judge on food network challenge . hey, how are you doing?

>> fine. right from the witch's cabin, ready to go.

>> i love it!

>> okay, so, you are a judge -- are you a harsh judge when it comes to these kinds of things?

>> they say i'm pretty brutal.

>> are you?

>> you're honest, just tell it like it is?

>> you have to.

>> you have to. what's the point otherwise?

>> what are we making?

>> brutal on you.

>> i know.

>> i've rolled out some paste for you.

>> what is this?

>> that's rolled fondant.

>> what?

>> get rid of this. being tidy. you take a little stencil --

>> i don't see mine. is this mine?

>> i made it for you.

>> okay.

>> so, you push it down. push it.

>> oh, put it underneath of it?

>> underneath.

>> put itnderneath of it. okay.

>> and right around so you're popping the pattern through. see?

>> got it. now what do you do?

>> lift it up and turn it over. grab your brush.

>> grab your brush. i like repeating what you say. where am i dipping into? your colors are over here, kath.

>> oh, wait, i took it off. i shouldn't have. la, la, la, la

>> mine is good, la, la.

>> now what?

>> i hope you haven't screwed up.

>> i have.

>> um, i'm done, so now what do you do? [ laughter ]

>> we don't have time!

>> okay, let me do it.

>> okay, look at mine. how about mine?

>> oh, divine.

>> divine.

>> put some black on it? all right, gosh.

>> not gosh.

>> we're actually --

>> i don't have any paint!

>> it's right here!

>> right here. what are you doing? hers is over here.

>> okay, so, now wipe your hand over it like this. remove this.

>> what are you doing?

>> i'm painting nothing!

>> mine is ruined. now i'm depressed! look at mine.

>> look at mine.

>> now i'm not depressed. that's good, hoda! yeah, i do need a margarita, by the way. all right, then what? so far, it's a disaster for me.

>> but you cut it out --

>> i don't want to cut it out!

>> cut yours --

>> cut this, hoda, all right?

>> that looks like --

>> take this one.

>> take that one. now what do you do with it?

>> put it on the top of your cupcake.

>> okay, i see where that is.

>> oh, this is fun! this is my favorite one.

>> really?

>> yes. i like this.

>> now what are you doing?

>> now rub a bit of water around the edge of your cupcake.

>> why is that?

>> because we're going to put an edging on it.

>> wow.

>> you two are absolute butchers.

>> butchers?

>> i like her! okay, anyway, we're about out of time, how's that?

>> yeah, how do you like that? how do you like that, carrie? almost out of