TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Scooter Magruder: 20 things not to tell women over 40

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb sit down with the YouTube star, who created a hysterical video list exclusively for the Fourth Hour. He talks about “dedication” to his art as well as his rising video stardom.

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>>> our show before, but he's never been here in person. we're talking about scooter magruder. he's an online star who sounds off on anything and everything in his clever, hilarious videos.

>> they're hysterical.

>> crazy.

>> scooter has shared with us some great top 100 lists over the years, including what guys never want to hear, 100 things not to say to your girlfriend, and one of our all-time favorites, what not to say on a first date! take a look.

>> you look a lot different than your profile picture.

>> you look so much like my ex.

>> my last relationship was a disaster, whoo!

>> we can go back to my place once my parents are asleep.

>> is that like a wonder bra ?

>> what bra size do you wear?

>> i just pictured you naked. i think, i think i love you. you know what? you know what --

>> no, i'm sorry.

>> will you marry me?

>> i can't do this. i'm sorry.

>> will you marry me? don't go away!

>> i've got to go. it was nice meeting you.

>> i know where you live.

>> i know where you live !

>> you're crazy!

>> thank you.

>> great to meet you in person.

>> great to be here.

>> you're very good looking.

>> i'm going to say the same about you two.

>> oh, hello!

>> usually we see you in a wig doing some crazy antics.

>> crazy stuff.

>> yeah.

>> where did this all come from?

>> well, really, it's just i'm trying to make a good video, so i'm dedicated to my art.

>> yeah.

>> yeah.

>> now, is this like a favorite list? because they're all good and fun to watch, but what's your favorite?

>> i hav't actually been on the show, but it's top 100 things not to say to a cop. that's my favorite video.

>> we have to show that one.

>> that one's pretty good, i am not going to lie.

>> but we heard you made a special list.

>> i did.

>> an individual list that has never aired before for us.

>> this would be the time when you would then tell us about it.

>> so, this video right here that's about to play is top 20 things not to say to a woman over 40, not that you would know anything about that.

>> no, we don't. let's watch it!

>> man, i'll bet you were hot 20 years ago.

>> you look good for being old.

>> what was the great depression like?

>> so, that's what crow's feet look like!

>> botox?

>> i wouldn't call you a cougar, more like a hyena, almost like a wildebeest. why don't you have any kids? i could be your grandson. you look like my grandma. did you vote for abraham lincoln ? you didn't vote for him? he freed the slaves. gravity has definitely taken its toll on you. my grandpa's single. why aren't you married? i've heard of baby weight . you look like you have grandbaby weight. i love when your arm jiggles like that. you look just like your mom. when is your birthday? what was moses like?

>> he's in the bible.

>> did you know him?

>> our favorite is the grandbaby