TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Lou Manfredini guards your gutters all year

The host of “House Smarts” shows two new tricks to keep your gutters leaf-free all year long, including a giant pipe cleaner that lets water in, but keeps the gunk out.

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>> and here to answer as many as he can is "today" contributor and host of the syndicated show "house smart," lou manfredini! we love him.

>> get over here, baby.

>> cindy says, "what is the best option for covering gutters to keep out leaves, et cetera , in terms of cost and ease of installation?"

>> lots of different products out here. this is a buzz word for everybody with the leaves falling. these are a couple of options for people that they can do themselves. this is called gutter brush. it's essentially a giant pipe cleaner that's uv treated. you clean out your gutters and then you take this and you shove it underneath --

>> in there.

>> -- and it now becomes the cover. leaves fall, but they sit there --

>> they don't get in there and get wet and get stuck.

>> buckets of waters can go down.

>> leave them in all winter long?

>> that's it, you're done. leave them in always. you never take them out.

>> oh, wow!

>> then this is rain drop gutter guard, which is a polypropylene cover you put over top. they come in 4-foot sections. you can install them yourself or have someone install them, but buckets of water can go in. they're durable, strong and the sun won't break them down.

>> the whole point is to have rain go through them and lead down to --

>> it's not going to go in there.

>> oh, actually, it's open.

>> it's got holes.

>> from he, it looked solid.

>> okay, here's a question from liz. "i was told i can adjust my patio slider with a screwdriver because it just doesn't work right. how do i do this?"

>> here's a patio slider, an integrity door, very heavy-duty, fiberglass extruded. we took the white caps off. you pop those off, and with a screwdriver, a phillips screwdrive you stick this inside and you click it either right or left. there are rollers on the bottom of this that lift the door up.

>> oh.

>> stop it! that simple?

>> and then it won't stop it, and then you can adjust the door. brand new doors like this work great, but your house settles and moves. a little click, the rolr lifts the door up so it slides much more easily.

>> people probably don't even know that feature's there.

>> right. there's caps on there. so, you pop those caps off with a knife or fingernail.

>> and then you put them back on?

>> put them back on, you're done.

>> gina asks "what is the best and most inexpensive way to install shelving in a small closet? the closet will not be used for clothing, but books and office supplies and stuff."

>> my favorite shelving product is from the container store .

>> i love container stores, love them! they can contain everything.

>> this is how it works --

>> i know you like that kind of stuff.

>> this bar, this mounting bar is all you do. if you ladies look up at the top --

>> yep, look at that.

>> that goes to the top of the closet. there's wood always at the top of a wall. you screw it in there so it's plum. then these standards hang --

>> anything.

>> any surface. so, you can figure it out whatever way you want.

>> you don't need a stud like you.

>> right. this whole setup here would probably cost you around $200, but it's available -- and you can do anything you want.

>> you can change your life in your own closet. do they make house calls ?

>> they do. we can figure that out.

>> maybe they can come to your apartment and they can give you some tips.

>> i've got lou coming. denise asks "how do you cut ceiling tiles to fit? we bought some and they're just too big.

>> the idea is draw a nice, clean line with a sharp utility knife . these are a fbi rouse materiibrous materia l, but you take the utility knife and you nice and easily follow --

>> i would be afraid of making a mistake. i would use scissors.

>> you don't want to use scissors. but once you make a cut, these tiles will break --

>> hi-yah!

>> there you go. there you go. just like that. now you can pop the tile in however you want.

>> i thought that was pretty cool.

>> just be careful that you want to measure, you want to set it in nicely.