TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Hot scissors are sizzling new hair trend

Arsen Gurgov, stylist at Louis Licari Salon, shows how heated scissors can give you a razor-sharp cut and minimize split ends. The electric scissors are heated to 310 degrees in order to seal ends.

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>>> all right, we are back with literally the hottest trend in haircuts making its way to a salon near you. it's called the hot scissors haircut, and it helps you get rid of all the unsightly split ends .

>> here to join us is the man from the louis licari salon.

>> wait a minute, these are just plugged in, they're hot scissors?

>> yeah, they're hot.

>> electric scissors.

>> can you believe it's been 4,000 years since scissors have been created and it took 4,000 years to bring them up.

>> tell us how it works. what happens to the hair?

>> with conventional scissors, the hair gets damaged by the environment, you get split ends .

>> yeah.

>> with these scissors, actually, it protects you from the environment and your hair has this natural -- it seals it.

>> it seals it.

>> i will show you how it actually works.

>> talk russian to us.

>> talk russian.

>> how come it doesn't burn your hand?

>> it's hot. you can feel it.

>> don't touch it.

>> it's hot, don't touch it.

>> we'll show the before picture of emily first because you're cutting emily 's hair. this is her before.

>> she looks good.

>> she looks great. now show us emily now and tell us what you've been doing.

>> with emily --

>> i love that haircut.

>> she had a lot of split ends . it was long, she had a lot of split ends and we gave her little bangs.

>> yes.

>> i will show you actually with the scissors how it works.

>> let's see.

>> it's like the spa treatment for your hair.

>> uh huh .

>> look.

>> oh, you're cutting a lot. that's a lot. nervous.

>> no, it's not. it's no additional work for a little extra.

>> can you get this at salons all over, arson?

>> it's coming. it's a new hot trend. it's coming in here slowly.

>> and quick, can you use it wet or dry or does it have to be dry?

>> you can use it wet or dry. it's a 110-degree