TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Julie Andrews to new Maria: ‘Let that sparkle out’

Academy Award winner and New York Times bestselling author Julie Andrews talks about her newly released book, which she co-wrote with her daughter Emma, and sends a personal message to Carrie Underwood, who will play Maria Von Trapp in a live version of “The Sound of Music.”

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>> for seven decades, julie andrews , only one of a kind, has entertained audiences, playing such memorable roles as mary poppins , maria von trap and eliza doolittle .

>> the academy award -winner is also a "new york times" best-selling author, and her latest children's book takes readers on a journey through a winter wonderland . it's called "the very fairy

princess: sparkles in the snow."

>> we're so happy to see you, julie .

>> hi.

>> you know when you come here, we're insane about having u. we miss emma this time, your co-writer.

>> i know. i know. i'm going to speak for both of us today.

>> okay.

>> before we get to the book, it's kind of fun to look behind us, julie , at all these beautiful images of you. when you look back at those pictures, what kind of feelings do you have?

>> well, i wish i had the waist i had in those days.

>> taking them one by one, say one word. what are you thinking?

>> raining in the background.

>> that little one.

>> cold.

>> that one over there, what's that from?

>> god knows . i think it was just a publicity still.

>> was it?

>> this one down here.

>> that's from "star."

>> what were you thinking there?

>> that thought? oh, god, suck in, i think, something like that.

>> and here we are mary poppins .

>> that's mary poppins . yes.

>> so, how many films have you done over the years? have you lost track?

>> i -- yes! i know how many books i've done, but i don't know how many movies i've done. isn't that crazy?

>> yeah.

>> not so many.

>> a lot. a lot.

>> well, i'm lucky. very.

>> when we think about " sound of music ," and this has been kind of newsy lately --

>> carrie underwood playing --

>> yes, carrie underwood is playing in a live event .

>> the pressure is enormous, isn't it? not just to take over for you, you're such a legend, but also it's going to be live.

>> that's what i think is going to be the pressure. i mean, it's -- honestly, it's about time somebody had a crack at it after 30 years. doesn't that look pretty?

>> she does.

>> yes, she does.

>> they're going to be doing the stage version, not the movie version.

>> very different, lots more music in the stage version.

>> actually --

>> isn't there?

>> -- the other way around.

>> really?

>> i think. they cut some of the music out but added more for the movie.

>> okay.

>> and yeah, they cut some of the things from the stage version.

>> so, you want to give her a little message?

>> oh, just that not to be nervous. i wish her so much luck. i mean, to do something like that livand pull it off, go for it, you know.

>> very brave.

>> go for it.

>> we love when you come on because you always come and talk about your children's book. this is the fifth one, isn't it, in the series?

>> fifth in the series. there are two more --

>> in the pipeline.

>> -- in the pipeline. and then there's two early readers as well. but this is, god, we've done about 27 books together, emma and i.

>> how lovely, to be able to do that with your daughter, julie .

>> i know.

>> it is such a pleasure.

>> how does it work with the two of you? how do you work that out when you're writing the books?

>> we finish each other's sentences.

>> yeah.

>> we laugh a lot, drink a lot of tea.

>> tea?

>> oh, yes.

>> england --

>> english tea . but actually, it works. she's the nuts and bolts of the book and she does all the real structure and i do the flights of fancy and the things in the closings and things like that.

>> what is it about this character that just has caught everyone's fancy?

>> well, i think because --

>> based on your granddaughter, right?

>> well, yes, she certainly inspired it, but she's a little girl called geraldine, although everyone refers to her as gerri. as you see, she loves to sing. but she says you can be anything you want to be in life. you just have to let your sparkle out.

>> yeah.

>> so, it's about individuality and really dealing with everything in life.

>> dreaming, let your dreams fly.

>> mm-hmm. and she's convinced that she's a fairy princess, despite all the evidence --

>> she's a very fairy princess.

>> very fairy princess, but she's got a great heart. and really, it's about sparkle and individuality and integrity, a lot of integrity.

>> your eyes still sparkle like that.

>> i was just thinking that, just thinking that.

>> stop it, give somebody else a chance, a carrie underwood chance, all right, julie ? come on.

>> julie , thank you so much.

>> you can be anything you want to be, just let that sparkle --

>> sparkle, carrie.

>> we love you.

>> we love you, great to see you. and emma , her niece, jessica is my hairdresser when i go out to los angeles , fantastic --

>> great girl, great girl.

>> hi, jessie!

>> hi, jessie. i love you, julie .