TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

5 creative DIY pumpkin ideas for Halloween

If you’re looking to break out of that routine jack-o-lantern face, lifestyle expert Evette Rios shares some ways to decorate your pumpkins with or without knives.

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>>> ideas that will blow your gourd.

>> blow my gourd. wow.

>> great to see you.

>> not a lot of carving involved. most of these i never even heard before. using the veggies.

>> right. we have a little decorate-off between you guys. i have cut peppers, carrots, an example of what you can do with just vegetables and tooth picks . i made a mouth. i think we're going to put time on the clock. but i think we're actually going to do it to see who can come up with the most interesting one.

>> so you just put a tooth pick in and stab.

>> ow.

>> don't jab yourself.

>> some people aren't ready for it.

>> okay there mr. competitive.

>> looking good. i love the radish eyes.

>> cabbage for the hair.

>> yeah.

>> careful.

>> and then -- oh, that's nice. i love that. that's great.

>> that didn't work so well.

>> yeah, try the new nose. there you go.

>> oh, no.

>> let me go for a bigger nose.

>> here, i'll stab that one for you.

>> okay. wait.

>> not fair.

>> very nice.

>> what is this over here?

>> that's a little hat he is wearing off to the side.

>> i love that.

>> that's very nice.

>> it's like a little english.

>> i usually carve out the top and the top gets all gross but you suggest removing the stuff from underneath.

>> there's a couple of reasons. if you're going to put a can dahl or anything in there you have a nice flat surface to put it on. the top will start to fall right in.

>> my town, the squirrels are crazy.

>> okay. now we're getting all diy over here.

>> these are little spider babies and this is easy. use some old net stockings. take them right out of your closet, right, willie?

>> yeah.

>> i'm going to put it over my pumpkin and make a hole for the stem there and then you stretch it out like that and you've got your pumpkin . you're going to take a hot glue gun and just glue it at the bottom like this.

>> and little legs.

>> 8 legs on it.

>> and eyes.

>> yeah.

>> if you want to be correct about the anatomy you put four eyes. but get funky with the eyes.

>> that's a good one.

>> these are getting really amazing.

>> thank you.

>> no carving.

>> no carving. we've got a regular pumpkin here. made a little tiger.

>> adorable.

>> so very easy, again, i have cardboard for the ears. i'll stick that in there and you have your pumpkin whiskers.

>> what about this guy?

>> this is a really gooded in when you're looking for pumpkins. don't just go for the orange ones, sometimes the grey and white ones can inspire you. i thought what a cute little mouse. i made eyebrows, pipe cleaners easy and eyes.

>> perfect.

>> not so cute is this one. you're getting a little hardcore here.

>> this is the killer pumpkin , right?

>> yes, this is the one for the kids that want a scary pumpkin . take an old pair of jeans, cut the leg off. i stuffed it with a towel and then you have to make sure that the pumpkin has sharp teeth because it has to look like it's biting into.

>> and there's fake blood and all of that.

>> all right. these are great too. the white ones.

>> we don't have a lot of time but i want to get to the hamburger pumpkin .

>> easy, easy. cut a pumpkin into three parts. the top part, the middle part i painted brown to make the burger.

>> wow.

>> and then the roasted pumpkin seeds become sesame seeds on the bun.

>> and this is cabbage. you can leave it out.

>> it looks almost good enough to eat.

>> you had a great secret i never heard about olive oil .

>> that's right. once you carve them, you take a little bit of olive oil and put it in the opening. it's going to keep the pumpkin nice and moist so it's not going to dry out and start looking funky.

>> gross.

>> it will preserve it longer.