TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Bullied teen helps others with ‘We Stop Hate’ videos

Once a bullied girl herself, Emily-Anne Riley realized she was becoming a mean girl. So she started “We Stop Hate,” a community and video project meant to help other bullied teens.

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>>> this morning on hope to it, ending the cycle of bullying. it's become a fact of life for millions of kid across the country.

>> just last month, 12-year-old rebecca sedwick ended her life after relentless bullying. family and friends gathered to pay their respects.

>> 30% of kids say they're bullied at school and while many suffer in silence, some victims have chosen to fight back.

>> she would call me up and say she's really ugly. she is fat.

>> i was ridiculed and mocked at church.

>> what made me so angry about other people is they mock people behind their backs and to their face.

>> i was overweight in elementary school so people would say mean things to me. half the class thought i was lame and uncool and gradually more and more people did to the point where i didn't have friends.

>> reporter: the emotional abuse was paralyzing.

>> it's embarrassing to say i go to school and no one wants to sit next to me at lunch. it was toxic to be in an environment where people didn't want to be friends with me or around me. i started hearing what the bullies were saying.

>> reporter: she had no choice but to transfer to a new school.

>> gradually i made friends. it was a big deal for me to have friends and to have people to call on the weekends and slumber parties to go to. all of these things started happening that seemed so basic but for me were just monumental.

>> reporter: and then the unthinkable happen. emily ann found herself becoming the mean girl .

>> i wanted to put other people down as a way to feel good about myself and i think that's the bullying cycle.

>> reporter: and now emily ann is trying to end the cycle with we stop hate. her own antibullying program.

>> because of watching the we stop hate videos and joining the we stop hate community online they have changed their outlook on life and no longer feel the need to cut themselves or to commit suicide.

>> it can help you get through bullying.

>> embrace your thoughts. celebrate who you are.

>> you have one fantastic life to live.

>> find something you love and do that thing a lot.

>> we stop hate isn't just an antibullying program but it's a call to action . taking a stand for something i believe in has given me so much purpose in my life.

>> they're amazing. well, family circle magazine actually partnered to honor emily and other teens making a difference in their communities. it's such a widespread problem.

>> we have been seeing here on #orangeroom, overwhelmingly people say -- we asked if twitter should give up identity of the anonymous accounts bullying kids.

>> he running theme is you should alert police and if it goes to trial you could subpoena the records. it's tough, though, yes, sadly one more area our kids need protection online.

>> a lot of people are more yeses here but there's a lot of people that say too as well, they understand --

>> there's a no.

>> but it's also the police that have to get involved in cases like this.