TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Man-fluence: How the supermarket is changing

Nearly half of grocery shoppers are male, according to the Wall Street Journal, and the growing number of cart-pushing dudes has changed the way products are marketed. Marketing consultant Andrew Davis talks about brands and products that are being “manned up.”

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>> last week we told you about a wall street journal article that said half of the grocery shopping and meal preparation these days is done by men.

>> it's not surprising they're paying more attention. andrew davis is here to show us how their products are being manfluenceed.

>> yes they are.

>> how are you guys?

>> we are man-fluencers. we asked in the orange room who does the grocery shopping, meal prep, natalie has the results.

>> that's right and it looks like the guys are stepping up. that's working. males about 29% going out and doing the shopping and the meal preparation. females still more heavily dominate 71%. so women are still driving the overall preparations at home but men are stepping up as well.

>> what are the implications of this, then, for the companies that put products on the shelves? how are they changing the way they do business?

>> they're trying to create products that appeal to the man actually doing the grocery shopping and the cooking which is really important. so you're seeing brands like hamburger helper they have their cheeseburger macaroni , the big hand helper. then they repackaged it as ultimate hamburger helper .

>> a black label .

>> much more appealing to men. that stands out and jumps out at them and the little hand. we don't need that much help in the kitchen if we're man-fluencers.

>> i just love how easily manipulated we are. here's a black label . i'll take it.

>> you can't fool the family if you put that on the table but now they have a whole new line that's all about the new brand like these wonderful dinner kits.

>> and these commercials are using lite of humor. let's face it, guys are suckers for that.

>> absolutely. no, this is what appeals to the man in the audience and if they're going to do the grocery shopping and meal prep they're going to bring home beef strog.

>> why are they doing more?

>> there was a transition point of the recession where more men than women were laid off and they were taking on the core duties around the house. shopping and cooking are two of those.

>> it used to be jamie lee curtis and stamos selling the yogurt. this is new.

>> if you're walking down the yogurt aisle these black powerful yogurt brands jump out at you.

>> it's subtle.

>> men only spend 11 minutes shopping versus women. so we're hunting for stuff that jumps out at us. find your inner abs.

>> and as men we need fiber.

>> yes.

>> fiber one is doing a great job of not changing or repackaging the product but getting you newcomb her shl spots that make you think it's a manly treat.

>> natalie is in the orange room with tweets.

>> i love andy. he writes i make 5:30 a.m . runs to do the week shopping on sunday. back by the time all wake up. one less burden for the rest. how much do we love this guy? love him. good man at home. joe crain, i'm happy if i get to manfluence the remote at home during primetime.

>> i do the shopping after church, the kids are still at sunday school. i run to whole foods and boom, i'm back.

>> i follow men around the store saturday morning at 7:00. not in a creepy way but to see what they were buying.

>> and even, for example, detergent.

>> yeah, it's not just t you know, the cooking. men are also doing the laundry. they're cleaning up after everyone and tied has done a good job of sintegrating their new products with the nfl.

>> candles?

>> yankee man candles.

>> mandles.

>> that's something else.

>> i'll be looking for you early in the mortganing in the grocery store .

>> i'll be following you.