TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Justin Long: my mustache is ‘horrifying’

The long-time comedian and actor Justin Long talks to the TODAY crew about his new movie and his “horrifying,” mustache that he said most of his family and friends are against.

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>> he's funny, he's charming which makes him the perfect leading man for romantic comedies. you may remember justin long from "he's just not that into you." remember that chick flick ? that was so good.

>> yes, i do.

>> now he has written produced and stars in a movie about a brooklyn writer that tries to woo a local barista.

>> i'm spam. like sam.

>> i would love to continue this conversation.

>> two napkins. the name is emily. emily with jemily but the j is silent.

>> any rom come with a breakfast meat in it.

>> you premeditated that joke.

>> but the mustache. we love it.

>> thank you for addressing this.

>> i'd like to say, you're welcome america.

>> it's horrifying and i'm sorry.

>> no.

>> most everyone in my life is very much against it but it's more -- it's for a job. i'm doing a movie after this.

>> that's always the excuse.

>> it's for a role.

>> i play -- i'm not playing a 70s porn star like you assumed, which is insulting to 70s porn stars , i think. i shouldn't have said that.

>> how long did it take to fill in there?

>> 2 1/2 years.

>> just about when you started working on this movie.

>> i said i'm not going to shave until it comes out.

>> well, i'm a huge fan of the other justin long but i think you do good work too.

>> willie is eluding too, in case you don't know, if you're living under a rock, there's a porn star named justin long. i don't know why i'm staring at the camera to deliver this message.

>> it's a public service announcement .

>> the more you know.

>> sometimes there are porn stars with the same name as you. you should be aware.

>> he does great work too.

>> he does phenomenal work. yes. his friends call me the poor man's him.

>> but you're still a case of you, justin .

>> let's talk about you.

>> well, i am curious about the porn version of a case of you.

>> what?

>> the porn title. we'll workshop it.

>> you started this in 2008 writing this with your brother.

>> i did. we wrote it, yeah, almost kind of as an experiment to see if we could do something like that and we included friends of ours and funny people we knew in our lives and we just -- you would think the godfather. but i'm proud of it. it's a sweet love story.

>> there's something in that in the fact that it took five years to get made. it's a statement about hollywood. you have to get people on board, i imagine.

>> yeah. of course and as soon as evan rachel wood read it and as soon as she was into it that attracted more people and a bunch of friends of mine were kind enough to come in and --

>> great cast.

>> peter dinklege.

>> you have great fans.

>> it's a guy romancing evan rachel wood but doing so in a way by being disingenuous.

>> he is creating a false persona based on what he thinks she might light. not unlike, warren buffet was on. by the way, tough act to follow. warren buffet and julie andrews . it's like carrot top going on after gandhi.

>> that's a weird bill.

>> interesting though. or justin long going on after the other justin long. i -- he played it so there's that thing where you want to create a different persona. but this guy takes it a little bit too far and is very disingenuous.

>> and hilarity ensues.

>> i'm not wearing this.

>> it's working for you.

>> take that again.

>> it's working for you.

>> that's the next movie. it's working for you.

>> justin long, thanks for me.