TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

3 ways to handle social interrupters

It’s annoying when people finish your sentences. So Thomas Farley of shares some ways to keep interrupters at bay, like holding up a finger, maintaining eye contact and avoiding open-ended questions.

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>>> to consider. are you a sentence hijacker? someone that finishes someone else 's thoughts before they do? on our special series the social, we decided to find out what it all means.

>> well, it was nice meeting you. i'm sure i'll see you --

>> 8:00, tomorrow.

>> actually, that's --

>> what you were thinking?

>> right.

>> odds are you know that person. the sentence hijacker --

>> who interrupts you and takes over while you're talking.

>> well, that was another --

>> lovely evening.

>> really bad meal.

>> they know about sentence finishers.

>> people tend to interrupt other people within conversation when they're not a team or working toward a common goal, they're not listening.

>> i'm going to jump right in right now and this is what i'm going to say and i'm not paying attention to what you're saying --

>> like he just did.

>> but i was paying attention.

>> like i just did.

>> when someone completes your sentence for you, you're insulted.

>> it can be motivated by showing howell you understand what the other person said. i know what you're going to say so well that i can finish the sentence for you.

>> but can it be a bad thing?

>> yeah.

>> perhaps the worst thing is when you can finish someone's sentence by saying i know just what you're going to say and your guess is wrong.

>> you may just find yourself --

>> in a situation that looks like this.

>> can you get him a office --

>> severance package.

>> you're saying i agree. i totally agree.

>> and if you come at their neck with two hands like this --

>> they'll understand.

>> that sometimes sends a non-verbal message.

>> i want you to stop.

>> well, thomas farly from what manners is here. good morning to you.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> others besides the strangulation gesture. if someone does this and it bothers you, what should you do.

>> maintaining strong eye contact is going to prevent them from jumping in. if they're still jumping in, break eye contact and talk to the people around you. i put up the finger, not the middle finger obviously.

>> give them the hand.

>> give them the hand and engage the other people around which is saying i'm not including you anymore. we're talking to these people that want to listen.

>> sometimes people confuse being rude and clever bantor and there's a line between it.

>> yeah, especially among people that know each other well as we saw in the set up piece but it can be annoying when you're guessing the wrong thing. also rhetorical questions aren't meant to be answered. if i say you'll never guess what happened to me in the taxi cab , i really don't want you to guess. that's not what i'm looking for. so don't ask those.

>> that was so hard for me to not answer that question. thanks. coming up, making the most of life's chances.