TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Should I buy? New tablet features explained

TODAY contributor Mario Armstrong explains to TODAY’s Carson Daly the new features on all the new tablets being released Tuesday and who might be best suited to use each type.

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>>> carson is taking a look at the tablet wars this morning. carson, good morning to you.

>> good morning, with mario armstrong getting some help. we had the results of our survey you had to take through the today app about tablets. it's tablet tuesday. apple 52%, samsung 20%. other 18% and so on. mario today in san francisco apple making a couple of announcements. new operating system.

>> retina display on the mini.

>> on the mini. probably see a thinner, faster, regular ipad as well. i'm not sure if we'll see the fingerprint touch id on that or not and maybe one more thing may be a smart watch .

>> we have tablet wars. we have microsoft in full disclosure. we have r powered by microsoft in this room.

>> yeah, the surface pro2 and the surface 2. you want a laptop replacement go with the pro 2. if you want to pull up powerpoint slides and word documents but also play game with the kids and have multiple people teaching the screen at the same time, this is perfect.

>> 35% have tablets how.

>> you have to know what you need. people want to buy the shiny new whistles. don't do that. is it for work or play or your kids. what apps will you need to use?

>> why are you yelling at me.

>> i get so passionate.

>> i have them all. it's