TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

More than 10,000 call about mystery girl in Greece

The FBI is joining the international authorities searching for the parents of the 4-year-old girl now known as “Maria,” who was found in a Roma camp. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> little girl found in greece . the fbi is now involved in that case looking at missing child cases here in greece . michelle kosinski is in greece this morning. good morning.

>> this man and woman that had this child was in jail and the little girl is being taken care of my charity workers and police are trying to figure out how this couple got her in the first place. they're asking the world right now, could she be your missing child ?

>> this is the story not of a missing little girl but a mysteriously found one and maria could be both. now the charity caring for her says more than 10,000 calls and e-mails have poured in from around the world revealing around 10 promising leads. at least four of those from the u.s. including information from a kansas city missouri couple whose daughter lisa erwin disappeared from her bed more than two years ago. they spoke of their anguish on today at the time.

>> i am a mess. i am frustrated. we need lisa.

>>> police believe maria came to live in this gypsy town in central greece in 2009 . charity workers say she was terrified to be taken away by authorities last week but is now doing well.

>> the body language.

>> reporter: police raided the camp looking for guns and drugs and seized those and maria after a prosecutor noticed she looked nothing like the couple she was living with. a dna test proved she was not this couple's child. police arrested them and accused them of abduction and say they registered 14 children as their own. as for maria , the couple gave multiple conflicting stories about how they got her. inuding they found her abandoned and that her bulgarian mother gave her to them when maria was days old. residents say the child was loved here and well cared for. they deny child trafficking .

>> everyone in the camp knew of the story of the bulgarian woman that had allegedly given the couple the baby but no one they spoke to had ever seen her themselves. they say that was the story the couple was telling. now other families around the world looking at this face and wondering, with hope, could she be their child? greek police have help behind them and now they're wanting to know what information exists out there. they're looking at a number of possibilities. one of which is could this case be linked possibly to child trafficking rings, matt.

>>> all right. michelle kosinski ? greece this morning.

>> there's reports as well that this couple, they say the girl was given to them by this romai romania couple but they have 14 children and six were within a ten month period.

>> a lot of people are hopeful today. we'll see what