TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Ted Cruz, critics take aim at Obamacare site flaws

Leading Republicans in Congress are taking aim at President Obama’s Affordable Care Act website, as the president insists the system is healthy, even if the site is not. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> we move to washington now and the problems with the internet roll out of the president's health care law . he calls it an embarrassment and is promising to fix it but what if you need to sign up for health care ? we'll start with peter alexander at the white house . good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. it's on the administration to resolve these problems quickly. a former advisor to the president told me if they do this will be a asterisk in history but opponents are already saying i told you so. overnight, republicans like ted cruz again took aim at the president's health care law .

>> the disaster, the train wreck, the nightmare that is obama care.

>> with others pouncing on the website's flaws.

>> this is a failure. it's not something you can say is a glitch.

>> reporter: more than three weeks into the turbulent launch of the affordable care act , president obama says the law is healthy even though the website isn't.

>> nobody is madder than me that the website isn't working the way it should which means it will get fixed.

>> reporter: a tool letting consumers comparison shop without an online application and people can also apply by phone. veteran reporters say the administration's mismanagement reflects on the man in charge.

>> at the end of the day the president has to get this website up to maintain.

>> reporter: the next several weeks will be critical with december 15th the last day to enroll for coverage at the start of the year. a key advisor for both massachusetts health care law signed by mitt romney and obama care remains optimistic.

>> this law will work and it will be popular. it will just take awhile to get there.

>> reporter: among those the white house is counting on to enroll, allison who nearly fainted during the president's remarks.

>> i got you. you're okay.

>> later tweeting, thanks barrack obama for catching me.

>> reporter: fortunately she is okay. republicans called for the health and human services secretary to be fired. white house officials insist the president is not looking to fire anybody, savannah. he is looking to get the problems fixed. she will testify before a house committee next