TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Tablet wars: Apple, Microsoft to unveil new gadgets

Some of the leading tech companies are revealing their latest tablets today, including Apple’s iPad 5 and Microsoft’s Surface. TODAY’s Carson Daly reports.

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>>> let's swing into the orange room . carson is in there with what's making news this morning. carson.

>> come on in everybody. good morning. it may as well be named tablet tuesday. do you guys own tablets?

>> yeah.

>> today, lots going on. there's a big event at the san francisco apple, a new iphone 5, the retina display in the miniand also display coming out with new services. nokia getting in on the tablet action with a windows-based tablet for them. only 4% had a tablet but it's surged to 35%. today's a big day . the tablet wars are officially on. you can go to our today app and take our survey. what's your favorite tablet? apple, microsoft, samsung, other, none.

>> all right.

>> a lot of people using tablets instead of computers.

>> i think my laptop is like a mainframe.

>> with people that use apple, they use it ten times more than other folks use their tablets so they get a chance at selling more stuff t people.

>> interesting.

>> coming up, the fbi getting