TODAY   |  October 22, 2013

Middle schooler: Shooter was aiming 'at my chest'

Sparks Middle School shooting survivor Jose Cazares describes the scene inside the school Monday when teacher Michael Landsberry got between him and the 12-year old shooter.

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>> by his mother. good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> jose , how are you doing today?

>> good.

>> you're hanging in there?

>> yeah.

>> you saw and heard a lot yesterday, jose . take me back to the time you arrived at school. i understand you were just there a short while when the shooting started. what did you see and what did you hear?

>> well, when i was at school i was hanging out with my friends and we heard a loud gunshot and we thought it was fire crackers so then we looked back toward where we saw the noise and then we see the kid pull out his gun and shoot the kid in the arm. so then they started running and i froze because he was aiming his gun right at my chest and looked like he was going to shoot me. so i turned around and i ran. i heard a gunshot and i thought he shot me but then i looked back and he shot a kid in his leg, arms, and stomach.

>> jose , you could hear some of the conversation going on between the first student and the shooter where you said one student said why me? why are you going to shoot me?

>> yeah.

>> and what did the shooter say?

>> he didn't say nothing. he just kept shooting him.

>> after he shot these two students, as you mention, you were frozen in place, which is completely understandable. and the shooter turns and points the gun right at your chest and at some point, mr. landsberry walks right in front of you and stands between you and the shooter. can you tell me what mr. landsberry was saying?

>> he was telling him to stop and put the gun down. and then the kid, he yelled out no, like, yelling at him. and then he shot him.

>> was mr. landsberry calm as he was talking to this student? or was he yelling at him?

>> he was calm. and he was holding out his hand like put the gun in my hand. to just stop.

>> this teacher, mike landsberry, didn't really know your son. he never had him in a class and yet he stepped in front of a gunman to protect your son's life. how do you even begin to understand that?

>> i'm grateful for everything that he did. just grateful he was there to help our children out.

>> jose , after this student shot mr. landsberry, you ran with some other students and you hid. and i understand one of the students you were hiding with was crying pretty loudly, which, again, is understandably and the shooter heard it and he came over and he found you guys. what happened then?

>> he started yelling like if you guys say anything about me coming here i'm going to shoot you so then he shot twice through the windows and then it seemed like he was out of bullets so he left because he fired because he had a case and he set it up and he was praying don't shoot and other people were like we didn't see nothing. so that's when he fired two bullets into the window and then he left because he heard the cops come.

>> you didn't see this student take his own life, i understand. is that correct?

>> yeah.

>> just one last question for you, mike landsberry leaves behind a wife and two step daughters. if you could speak to his family, what would you say?

>> i want to say that they're in my thoughts and my prayers today and for the rest of the days. i hope that god gives them the encouragement that they need to move on and mr. landsberry, he sacrificed his life to take our kids into safety and i thank him for that. he is a true hero.

>> thank you, both. i appreciate it. thank you both very much. be well. take care of each other, okay?

>> thank you, you too.

>>> our thoughts and prayers with the family of that teacher as well and the two students that were wounded but also with someone like jose who saw all of this unfold right in front of his eyes.

>> i couldn't stop thinking when i'm watching that but for mr. landsberry and his heroics in that moment we wouldn't be seeing jose sitting right there.

>> middle school .