TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

Trick out your home with these Halloween treats

Author Steve Greenberg highlights the spookiest Halloween decorations for your home, from Bone Chillers ice cube trays to customizable doorbell sounds that are sure to scare your trick or treaters.

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>>> all the pint-sized princesses and pirates in your neighborhood will be knocking on your door for sweet treats.

>> you still have time to scare up a little halloween spirit. here are some fest i've this is a festive idea segment. with steve greenberg . author of gadget nation. hello, steve. how are you?

>> very well. we've got a bunch of cool stuff here all new. right behind you on the window --

>> dim the lights.

>> those some are chopping skulls. gadgets and

>> now i want it.

>> and, of course, you can't have a party without a little bit of booze. a little bloody drink.

>> we've got some brains here, some bone chillers. this is from fred & company and gadgets and gifts. under 10 bucks. just cranberry juice .

>> yeah, not great.

>> no alcohol?

>> what they're thinking?

>> somebody wasn't thinking.

>> this is a new idea from martha stewart craft. decorate pictures around your house. put on -- these are called gothic manon photo stickers . put them on your pictures and take them off after.

>> it's on the glass so it peels off easily. $4.50 for 180 of those. next, most people should go l.e.d. lights because it's safer. if you are going old school, this is from zippo. flexible neck lighters you can fit in here.

>> it's like a flashlight?

>> it's a lighter.

>> oh, it's a lighter.

>> that's year round. i love that.

>> a great way for lighting candles around your house.

>> a lot of people ringing your doorbell. the deejay doorbell. download any music you want on to it. here we put some scary music. you can have halloween, christmas music .

>> i love this.

>> this is my third tv.

>> oh, very scary. that is very scary.

>> it's a big seller. big seller.

>> and then finally, digitally, you can decorate your home. these big screen tvs. this is called atmosphere fx. spirit halloween stories all around the country. you can then put, they have these things that run as loops with different scary images. and they also -- you can project it on your house or on to a window. isn't that really scary? it's like a big-screen tv and make it very, very scary.

>> very scare esteve greenberg.

>> coming up tomorrow, creative halloween costumes and goodies.

>> plus, julie andrews stops by. stop it. and lou manfriedini