TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

Yeezus, Jesus combine onstage during Kanye’s tour

Brian Balthazar, editor of, recaps the weekend’s Hollywood buzz, like the Jesus look-alike that took the stage at the Seattle kickoff of the Yeezus tour.

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>>> we're back with today's buzz and all the juicy celebrity scoop you just couldn't think of starting your week with. from a "breaking bad" funeral to kanye west . we've got it all covered with the editor of pop goes the i can't even call him that word. hello, brian is here. so "fifty shades of grey." who is it going to be?

>> basically they've narrowed it down.

>> who isn't?

>> they narrowed it down to every guy with piercing eyes and abs and that's all of hollywood . now down to five --

>> they've offered it to an awful lot of people.

>> it's been turned down because it's so explicit.

>> i think everyone is making sure that their actor is leaked as a possibility. scott eastwood is one of them. you probably saw him in " texas chainsaw 3d."

>> yeah, that was my favorite last year. they get all the hollywood royalty. they get both sides would be offspring of hollywood royalty.

>> the tweet says what is all this talk about "fifty shades of grey." what do you all think. hype eastwood living. i think you should tweet with gifford living.

>> i think i should see his father do it.

>> that would be an erotic thriller.

>> it would be more like my house. that's what turns me on, baby, okay?

>> i look forward to your podcast.

>> jamie dornan is another one. pretty much a virtual unknown.

>> he's a very good actor. i've seen him in stuff.

>> people are still talking about matt boemer. james franco has also come up.

>> no, not right for that.

>> that's probably his agent saying he's in the running.

>> " vanity fair " is talking about doing a big thing on gwyneth paltrow . she's trying to put the kibosh on it.

>> what are they afraid she's going to write about?

>> it was time they did a story about how unlikable -- she's got a reputation. some say she makes martha stewart seem warm.

>> her mother blythe danner is one of the nicest women in the world. it's hard for me to believe because blythe is such a lovely lady.

>> she is but sometimes --

>> is that just the main thing is --

>> there's also been rumors about an affair and basically gwyneth -- rumors, i said. and gwyneth's people have said no comment and " vanity fair 's" comment is no comment. this is not really all about this alleged affair. she's got a close friendship with someone but this is really about the mystique of gwyneth paltrow and what her people, her friends --

>> anne hathaway is off the hook for a little bit? what is all this hating? enough of it. enough bullying. enough of the hating. stop it.

>> where is the love.

>> let's talk about kanye.

>> i'm guilty.

>> i don't hate kanye. i hate the things he says. i really do. i mean, don't compare yourself to god. just don't do it.

>> you'll love this then. he opened up his concert tour and who shows up on stage but a jesus. i don't know if you call him an impersonato impersonator.

>> an actor portraying.

>> he interacts with jesus. there's a religious theme --

>> is it blasphemous in nature?

>> it will depend on who you ask.

>> nobody is better than us?

>> some people will say it's blasphemous. although, madonna was doing it, too. it's controversial. this is the beginning of the tour. more to come.

>>> halloween gadgets that are a