TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

TODAY viewer fulfills dream of drumming

Be Bold TODAY contest winner Antonella Pasquariello always dreamed of learning the drums. The 43-year-old mom from Rhode Island performs a drum duet with her rock idol and Grammy nominated Sheila E. live in Studio 1A as her Be Bold prize.

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>> last month we kicked off our be bold today contest sponsored by progresso heart healthy soup. where we asked you to submit a video telling us about a dream you wanted to check off your bucket list.

>> we had so many responses but it was antonella from rhode island . she captured our attention learning to play the drums just like her childhood idol if you remember, of course, sheila e. at it had been a dream since she was a little girl but her family couldn't afford the drum lessons.

>> we got to surprise antonella with a lesson from that idol, the very only sheila e. take a look.

>> i tried to imagine the drummer when i listen to music. that's the one thing that i focus in on. i air drum . sometimes i'm in the mirror and i do this and when i'm in the car i also like to pat on the steering wheel. the drummer that inspired me is sheila e. 1984 , friends and i would gather around the tv on saturday morning and watch mtv all day. she would do this and then she would sing in to her microphone and then she'd have her foot. so that made me realize that would be the instrument of my choice. is there someone that is actually going to show me what to do with this.

>> so antonella is inside. she has no idea that i'm here.

>> i think you have to play the high hat a little bit better.

>> hi. hi. oh, this is so exciting.

>> do a little warm-up. you have a beat in your head?

>> sometimes i do.

>> okay, now play that. where would i go from there?

>> see, everyone has a beat in their mind like in their head. i'm going to elaborate. i'm playing your beat. there you go. take it slow, though. excellent! i'm going to practice with antonella for the next hour. hopefully she's going to get this one, two, three, four thing and we'll be able to come out and perform for you right away. hey, keep practicing. we'll get it right. one, two, three, four.

>> one, two, three, four.

>> sheila e .

>> great to see you.

>> thank you.

>> what did it feel like when you found out that sheila e. was going to be your mentor for a bit?

>> i didn't find out until it actually happened so it was surreal. i had to take like ten steps -- i still didn't believe it even after --

>> you didn't recognize her at first.

>> i had seen -- i don't get to use the computer often so my pictures of her were so small in my iphone, my current version. i did know but i couldn't believe it. i was speechless.

>> we remember you from prince, from glamorous life and you are doing stuff now.

>> movies as paula patton .

>> you are very fancy. you have a dvd, though?

>> yeah, i have a dvd that's out, and, yeah, it's great. you are showing it there. and a new book coming out next year.

>> very fancy.

>> does she have skills?

>> everyone has skills. of course she has skills.

>> and everyone has their own particular beat.

>> they do.

>> and antonella doesn't travel alone. she didn't just bring her one family member. she brought the entire hood in.

>> no such thing as a small italian family.

>> it's been a dream of hers for a long time.

>> are you guys going to play something?

>> yeah, we practiced a little something.

>> all righty. you're right here.