TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

6 cute and unique DIY Halloween costumes

This Halloween, make adorable costumes for your kids like a plane, a bat and even some movie theater popcorn.

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>>> halloween is next week as you may know but if your kids haven't quite figured out their costumes yet, no need to panic.

>> we have get ups for the whole family that you can put together in no time with supplies you may have already had.

>> amy is the style editor at the good morning.

>> good morning gentlemen.

>> this looks like fun. you have the whole family and you are part of this first ensemble.

>> i really am. the first stuff was really inspired by the movie planes, the popularity of that. so ic constructed rusty which is one of the main characters of the movie. this i made out of a cardboard box from the grocery store .

>> these are your beautiful children.

>> these are my children and i used white paint to cover up the box. this tape is scotch expressions tape which made it easy to play with. after i did this, i got really exhausted. so i got the costumes at a costume store. but you get a simple dress out of your closet. i got mine at mod cloth and we have passenger poppy here who is ready for the today express and i got that little dog outfit at target.

>> yeah. do you like your plane, man?

>> do you like your plane little dude?

>> yeah, he's good.

>> thank you, captain.

>> head off to the next run way.

>> all right. let's look at our next one. this is bat-tastic.

>> we all have a broken umbrella. we turn it into a costume. so what we did was --

>> show us your wings.

>> yeah.

>> so here we have the family, josephine and momma tracy and we have all the how to on it wasn't that difficult and used safety pins . get out your black hoodies from your closet. i got these at old navy and i pinned up the back and on the inside of the sleeves to make the bat wings stick there. a little double stick tape and construction paper for the ears.

>> that's so cool.

>> it's bat-tastic.

>> it is. and if it rains maybe you can put those over your head.

>> other flying creatures now or guys going after flying creatures.

>> thank you guys.

>> you've got to fly off. the sun is coming up.

>> huge this year, duck dynasty.

>> it's anticipated to be one of the hottest costumes without a doubt. get your camo, jeans, sweatshirts, what have you. the one thing i couldn't ask the austin family to do is grow beards for this. they have been working on those beards for years. so they're from buy the rest, grab camo or go to your neighbors and borrow some. then we have uncle si and willie and i believe that's jace in the middle there.

>> very nice.

>> don't you think i should go uncle willie this year?

>> i'd like to see that beard on you a little later.

>> it will take me about six months.

>> make it rain in here.

>> right.

>> make it rain.

>> hi, guys. come on out.

>> this is a costume if you haven't done anything and you have inclimate weather on the way, you can do this with a clear umbrella or regular umbrella. i got them at come here. and then with construction paper and simple string we've got the cat and dog. literally that easy to do.

>> thanks ladies.

>> and our last grouping, we have popcorn and peanuts.

>> jamie just had her brand new baby lily who is 2 months old and you get the popcorn and the peanuts right out of the pantry and hot clue it on to a hat and the felt pieces are fashion taped on to the baby carriers.

>> yeah.

>> all of 37 cents for the little felt pieces. couldn't have asked for better baby models, right?

>> right into it and because i fashion taped them on they're not damaging the baby carriers in anyway. parents that are worried about the peanut