TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

Rare fish, Schwarzenegger top weekend Google searches

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg share some of the most searched keywords on the web, like a rare oarfish and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger re-enacting favorite movie lines.

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>> if you spent the weekend scrolling through your weekend --

>> digin'.

>> i had people in nashville come up to me and say i'm digin' right now.

>> if you've been digin' this weekend you weren't alone. from arnold schwarzenegger and her famous one liners to a deep sea fish showing up. daniel has it for us.

>> okay. let's talk arnold. a lot of people looking for him this weekend. not just because he has a new movie coming out. what else?

>> to promote this new movie escape plan, he took to the site read it and he agreed to redo a lot of the iconic lines from his movies. i'll be back. but my favorite, that's not a tumor. people can go online and listen to them.

>> let's watch them.

>> who's your daddy? what does he do?

>> get to the chopper.

>> put the cookie down, now.

>> i love that.

>> still got it.

>> still got it.

>> okay. there was a lunar eclipse over the weekend, right?

>> yeah, that's right. it was tough to see in certain parts of the country. but there was a partial lunar eclipse . you get a sliver of the moon that gets blocked out when the sun, the moon, and the earth all line-up. the next wouldn't be until april. that's thanks to the internet. even if you can't see it where you are, you can go online and see it.

>> april 2014 .

>> we showed this on the show last week.

>> the oarfish.

>> but this is the second time.

>> second time in a week in california.

>> when you see it, you understand why people want to get a look at it for themselves.

>> it's prehistoric.

>> it does look prehistoric. it is an actual type of fish. this was 13.5 feet long. the one earlier in the week was 20 feet long. we have a picture of folks holding that one. dramatic. you have to look it up for yourself. it doesn't taste that great unfortunately.

>> oh.

>> san francisco area they could make something delicious out of that.

>> daniel, thank you so much.

>> thank you so much.