TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

Neil Patrick Harris reveals awesome family costume

As the TODAY anchors prepare for Halloween with classic costumes and candy, they give props to Neil Patrick Harris, fiancé David Burtka and their 3-year-old twins, who dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters.

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>>> days until halloween.

>> oh my goodness.

>> do you know who does halloween right every year?

>> the most wonderful host in the world. neal patrick harris. this is the photograph he posted on instagram. with their three-year-old twins harper and gideon.

>> so they're alice and wonder land.

>> yeah.

>> last year they went wizard of oz .

>> wow.

>> they do something big every year.

>> and before that they were peter pan .

>> coming up we have great kids in family costumes as well.

>> yeah. family teams up. do you guys have your costumes figured out?

>> yeah, well.

>> do you do the family deal?

>> no.

>> some years the boys are more coordinated. i'll always like whatever. or i'll wear whatever i have worn from the show. show up as justin bieber or something else.

>> she does that on a regular basis.

>> i just like to play justin bieber whenever i can.

>> that's creepy but okay.

>> we're iron man and a witch.

>> are you ironman?

>> no, the kids.

>> no, i'll be home watching football.

>> oh, come on.

>> you're going to go out trick or treating.

>> no, of course you do. where we live in our neighborhood they shutdown a couple of blocks. everybody does the house up and you just walk up and down a few blocks and get a full bag of candy.

>> growing up we lived in the projects and you would report in which buildings where they were giving out full sized candy bars and my mother would only buy one bag of candy and we would start bringing our bags back and dumping it in.

>> right.

>> but we had our bags. we need more, go, go. bring back more candy.

>> we went out of candy every year and every year i go and buy these giant -- i think like how could we possibly run out this year? every year i run out.

>> i think you're overserving.

>> do the kids grab on their own?

>> sometimes. but i think that's why we're running out. anyway. let's get a check of the weather mr. roker.

>> goblins it would be nice to say thank you. moms and dads, how about teaching