TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

Woman turned male model: My husband is ‘by my side’

Elliott Sailors made headlines as the new female face of male modeling after chopping off her locks and adopting a more masculine look. Sailors discusses the support of her husband and the male modeling industry, as well as her teary-eyed farewell to her long blonde hair.

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>> we brought you on friday, it's shaking up the modeling industry. she is a 31-year-old female model that decided to reinvent herself as a male model . is it paying off? elliott is joining us exclusively.

>> you're a good-looking woman and a good-looking man.

>> you're a good-looking anything. why did you decide to do this elliott?

>> i had the idea quite awhile ago and i just think it's something new and fresh and really a new way to create inside the industry.

>> i understand when you actually went to the barbershop to have your hair cutoff it was more emotional than you thought it was going to be.

>> it was. i walked in and even just speaking to the guy at the front desk i got the tears in my eyes and when i sat down with the barber i told him i'm going to cry but i really want to do this.

>> was your husband crying?

>> no.

>> your husband is supportive about this.

>> he is completely by my side and beside me.

>> the big question would be is it working? are you getting much more work now that you could really model in the male world or the female world.

>> well, i'm on the "today" show.

>> so that's that.

>> do you think it will work career-wise in terms of work.

>> it's not that i'm not going to work as a family but it's opening more doors and more options.

>> have you gotten any flak?

>> a little bit. there's definitely people that disagreed with it. my mom doesn't agree with it.

>> out of work male models who are now thinking they'll never get a job because of her.

>> i don't think that's true. it's actually the men is maizingly supportive about this. they're like that's cool. have to hook you up with this person, meet this guy. whatever it is.

>> does it feel more manly? mentally too?

>> mentally 100%. once the camera's on that's when you've got to, you know, that man thing.

>> she's a man, man.

>> and a when i'm walking down the street sometimes i'm like i'm going to walk like this. [ whistling ]

>> not as often. in fact, now i think the way people approach me on the street is much more friendly.

>> they used to open doors for you when you had the hair and now you're on your own.