TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

Is the neck tie on its way out?

Men’s corporate fashion is apparently becoming more casual, according to The Wall Street Journal. The tie-less trend was even spotted at the G-8 Summit this past June, as President Barack Obama sported an open collar at the request of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

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>>> the wall street journal , is it a fashion faux paux. take a look at this picture. president obama --

>> a good one.

>> that was earlier this year at a g-8 summit and not a necktie in the group. bretti british prime minister hosting the group pushed for a more relaxed dress code. it's just one example of more and more men going tieless in the work place and the question is, is it a good idea.

>> i like the look. are you ties uncomfortable?

>> i have been waiting for this day guys.

>> just go for it.

>> call it the g-9, this sucker is coming off.

>> they are uncomfortable. i don't wear one regularly.

>> you can just dictate it.

>> it's just casual environment creates a different work -- i'm sorry, a different work environment. you don't feel so stressed out.

>> where are we supposed to put your microphone.