TODAY   |  October 21, 2013

Rock-toppling could lead to charges for Scout leader

Salt Lake City authorities are conducting a criminal investigation against Boy Scout leader Glenn Taylor, after a video was posted in which he pushes over a 170 million-year-old rock formation in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park. TODAY’s Carson Daly reports.

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>> let's check in with carson . he is back in the orange room this morning. you're following a boy scout leader under fire for pushing over an ancient boulder. what happened.

>> it's great to be back. i didn't think this room could get more orange in my absence but it has. this viral video viewed over 4 million times over the weekend is stirring up out rage on the web. he received death threats in response but insists he had good intentions.

>> wiggle it just a little bit.

>> when glenn taylor pushed over a 170 million year old rock formation in utah goblin valley state park as his son and a friend looked on, he stirred up quite a fire storm .

>> i was appalled that we had visitors in the park doing those kind of activities.

>> reporter: the boyscouts of america con semied his behavior saying we are shocked and disappointed by this reprehencive behavior. the isolated actions of these individuals are absolutely counter to our believes and what we teach. in the video, taylor 's friend david hall says they're just keeping the park safe.

>> some little kid was about ready to walk down here and die and glenn saved his life by getting the boulder out of the way.

>> reporter: taylor , a scout leader for 20 years says his intentions were good but that he should have acted differently.

>> the rock needed to come down. i wish we would have got the ranger. i wish that would have been in our thought process.

>> reporter: adding fuel to the fire , this lawsuit he filed just last month. he is suing for disability compensation saying he sustained serious, permanent, and debilitating injuries from a car accident. she was named in the suit.

>> i was a little surprised that the man that pushed over this 2,000 pound rock formation was the one suing me for disability.

>> well, there you go. salt lake city authorities are conducting a criminal investigation to determine if charges should be filed. 170 million years the rock never posed a threat but thank god he was there. here's our survey. if you want to weigh in, please do. should the utah scout leaders be charged with a felony for toppling an ancient rock. verdict? anybody.

>> wow.

>> i think the video speaks for itself, carson .

>> how about charged with noise pollution for the crazy laugh.

>> he's so excited by the fact that he was miraculously cured from his injury.

>> i think the disability lawsuit goes away right away.

>> out the window. carson . good to have you back.