TODAY   |  October 20, 2013

Sunny Anderson makes PB&J spicy wings

Peanut butter and jelly spicy chicken wings are not a combination that readily comes to mind, but author and chef Sunny Anderson served them up at New York’s Food and Wine festival to the delight of many. She whipped them up on the TODAY plaza and gave the TODAY anchors a taste.

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>>> this morning on "today's kitchen," peanut butter and -- that's the cutest thing. peanut butter , jelly

>> stay with me on this.

>> the combination, between two pieces of bread, but what about on the chicken wings ?

>> not a pairing one would think of, but good friend of the "today" show, chef, sunny anderson , served them up last night to the delight of many. you are going to whip them up this morning.

>> yes.

>> you will turn us into believers.

>> yes. think about, you have had chicken sauteed with the peanut sauce , and it's a savory/sweet, a great balance, so let's do this.

>> okay.

>> dylan, you want to start over there. i've got the wings . salt and pepper them. tag-team work. salt and pepper on the wings . i like to separate my drums from the flats.

>> good-looking wings , too.

>> these are jurassic park wings . this is what we do on the "today" show, we get the good stuff.

>> nothing but the best.

>> drop those wings into the flour. it's regular, all-purpose flour.

>> just a couple?

>> just a couple. don't mess up that beautiful outfit, girlfriend.

>> putting it in, shaky, shaky.

>> and those will rest on a paper -- on a baking sheet for about 20 minute, but 30 minutes to two hours is good, because they become room temperature , never fry or cook meat that's not room temperature . you want to drop some in? you want some new york giants gloves?

>> yeah, that's disappointing.

>> it's not disappointing. i have the rally cap on. the super bowl winning season. we were 10-6. don't drop hard. just drop soft.

>> gentle.

>> very gentle. very gentle.

>> i'm a professional. sort of.

>> for the wings , that's 350 degrees for 12 to 14 minutes.

>> what kind of oil? does it matter?

>> peanut oil . you can use canola. vegetable. so now, right here, this is the sauce. this is the ticket. we have peanut butter in here. i'm going to add to that some grape jelly.

>> wow.

>> does it have to be grape?

>> jelly not jam.

>> yeah, jelly not jam, because it don't shake like that. i can't believe he made me say that. i'm going to add some coconut cream . you set me up. some sauce.

>> can you not trust him, you know that.

>> you can't trust him. he gave me the hood check.

>> i love the fact you walked right into it. i love it.

>> and it's serracha. it won't blow your wig off. and the water will loosen it up. stir, stir, everything marries together. it doesn't look appetizing, but it's a nice luscious, thick sauce like this.

>> okay. as we're getting tighter on time.

>> yes.

>> we fry and we toss.

>> we fry. we pour. [ cheering ] yeah. and the crowd goes wild! and the crowd goes wild!

>> and totally unprompted. they did it on their own.

>> we don't even have a crowd person saying, say "ooh, ahh," and there you go. wings .

>> and you're sprinkling peanuts over top of them?

>> yeah, come on over, dig in. enjoy childhood again.

>> i can't believe you, before the meal is prepared.

>> let me know what you think.

>> i got a huge shoutout from whoopi goldberg .

>> perfection. i don't like wings . these are awesome.

>> yeah, yeah?

>> these are really good.

>> it's in my cookbook, "sunny's kitchen."