TODAY   |  October 20, 2013

Prices for Caribbean cruises at all-time low

All aboard! There are great deals to be had on cruises for this fall, and industry experts say prices are the lowest they’ve seen in years. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Travelzoo’s senior editor Gabe Saglie.

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>> this is typically a good time of the year to go on a cruise.

>> yes.

>> why in particular is the fall 2013 the best bargain we've seen?

>> we've seen in the last couple of weeks that ships, a couple of months ago, alaskan, caribbean, and this year, it's about volume. we have more ships out there ready to hit the caribbean we've seen in a long time.

>> and they're big.

>> yeah, not only more ships but bigger ships, record-setting. the " oasis of the seas ," royal caribbean , length of four football fields, a lot of beautiful, wonderful amenities on board, but they can carry a lot of folks out there. the extra availability creates competition that's brought prices down.

>> which we love. you have some of the best deals you found on a few different websites. first one from, seven nights in the eastern caribbean , $399 a person.

>> right. norwegian "epic," home to the blue man group at sea. out of miami. hitting up some beautiful itineraries -- st. maarten, st. thomas, bahamas, $399, including the $75-per-cabin credit. and they're sweetening the deals with credits and upgrades. a lot of extra perks.

>> there are. some things are not included. we'll get to that after the next couple of deals., six-night for $299.

>> yes, "carnival breeze," six-nighter, $299, hitting beautiful eastern caribbean destinations, and all of the destinations, flying into, would be more expensive.

>> you couldn't fly in there for the price you're paying, six nights out there. and another one on what make this is one a little more?

>> a little more. seven-night cruise, on " oasis of the seas ," 6,000-plus passengers. royal caribbean has made big news on what is a beautiful vessel. this is a balcony cabin, which is --

>> that's a big deal .

>> more elbow room. and they prepay the gratuities, a big money saver. usually, gratuities are $12 per person per day.

>> and that brings up something, other fees not included. gratuiti gratuities, for example. the taxes, port fees.

>> yeah, the port fees can be another $120, $150. obviously, there are taxes. really what the cruise price gets you is your accommodations, your meals and your entertainment. above that, the shore excursions, wi-fi, these are things you can avoid. alcohol, also, a big --

>> that's typically not included.

>> a big option, yeah.

>> and you have five great tips for us. when we are booking the cruise to get the best possible deal, the best event out on the seas.

>> first of all, book this coming week. today through next sunday, the 27th. the cruise lines international association has put out their world's largest cruise sale. over the next seven days, rock-bottom price, launching the page tomorrow. book this coming week. secondly, stay flexible with the dates. a lot of these are for cruises in the next couple of weeks, so you have to have the time to take them. and then, look at nearby ports. if you live in the northeast, new york has become a haven for great ships.

>> have a great day.

>>> just ahead, sunny anderson is