TODAY   |  October 20, 2013

Authorities capture wrongly-released prisoners

A Florida community is breathing easier with the news that two escaped inmates, Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker, are once again behind bars. NBC’s Sarah Dallof reports.

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>>> the top story. the capture of the two convicted killers. sarah is in orlando with more on how police found them. sarah , good morning.

>> reporter: well, good morning, erica. a lot of relief in this community today. the family of one of the victims of charles walker says that they are still trying to absorb everything that has happened in the last couple of days. and they, like many others, still have a lot of questions about the forged documents that ordered the convicts' immediate release. life on the run came to an end for charles walker and joseph jenkins here saturday evening at the modest coconut grove motel in panama city beach . task force members ordered guests to stay inside, and commanded the occupants of room 227 to come out.

>> just started screaming, and nobody was answering them. and they start hollering to come out, "we know you're up there, we're coming in after you."

>> reporter: the sheriff's spokeswoman says the operation was quick with no shots fired.

>> it took a little less than a minute, and both men exited the room with their hands in the room and were taken into custody without further incident.

>> reporter: it was the best possible outcome for their families, who had hours before in a press conference --

>> i just want you home safely son. please come home .

>> reporter: -- pleaded with the men to surrender and said they had no idea the two men had not been legitimately released from prison.

>> we took him to the grandmother's house, who was elated. we then took him to his mother's house. we then took him to our house.

>> reporter: the escape relied on carefully forged documents, which included the faked signatures of a prosecutor and judge. they were so confident of their plan, that they made no plan to hide. they even planned to register as felons. former fbi profiler clint van sant worries the cases may be the tip of the iceberg .

>> i think florida has to look at everyone released under conditions like this and verify it was a legitimate release.

>> reporter: the reincarcerated inmates will face many questions, including if they had inside help. for now, relief in the community, knowing the two convicted killers are back where they belong. and walker and jenkins will make their first court appearance midmorning. charges will be filed by the state attorney, and, erica, it's important to note that they already were both serving life sentences for murder. back to you.

>> sarah , thank you.