TODAY   |  October 19, 2013

Hillary Clinton back on political stage

It may be two years away, but people are abuzz about the 2016 presidential race as Hillary Clinton steps back into the stoplight to endorse Virginia’s gubernatorial candidate. NBC’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> is back in the spotlight and making her first public campaign appearance today since she left the obama administration. she will be in virginia endorsing terry mcauliffe who is running for governor there. could she be setting the stage for a white house run? she is fueling lots of speculation. kristen welker has more on this situation.

>> reporter: terry mcauliffe is a long time clinton family friend and aide and no surprise that hillary clinton is campaigning for him later on today. but analysts say it is significant she is dipping her toes back into the political waters. he was hillary clinton right hand man sharing her 2008 bid for president.

>> if we're going to build a new economy in virginia .

>> reporter: but now terry mcauliffe is the candidate and later today clinton will endorse him in the campaign for governor.

>> i think it's impossible not to see more as hillary clinton appearing at this event but i think she gets to do it under the guise she is helping her old friend.

>> reporter: another political plus for clinton ? virginia is a key swing state that turned blue the past two presidential elections. adding to the buzz, clinton 's busy public schedule since leaving her position as secretary of state in february delivering dozens of high profile speeches and focusing on policy and even at times getting personal.

>> i'm also a very proud mother because chelsea's role is expanding and this is truly a labor of love for our entire family.

>> reporter: those close to her say clinton hasn't decided whether she will make another run for the white house but in a recent newsday article, the former first lady acknowledged she is considering it, telling the paper, i want to think seriously about it. i probably won't begin thinking about it until some time next year. . but the whels are already turning. the superpac i'm ready for hemoglobin unaffiliated is in action and analysts caution timing is everything.

>> it's extremely hard to be the front-runner for four years, should she choose to run. she is doing everything she can to try to delay a decision.

>> reporter: polls show that clinton has a strong lead over any potential democrat or republican challenger which means she will continue to get a lot of scrutiny with every move she makes.