TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Dip into this festive fondue served in a pumpkin bowl

Guest chef Andy Medina serves up a spicy chorizo fondue in a hollowed pumpkin bowl, just in time for the Halloween harvest!

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>> the world, andy medina.

>>> we're in "today's kitchen" with flavors for the fall. it is harvest season, with pull contin pumpkins at their peak. why not put them to work outside and inside.

>> served in a hollowed out pumpkin and sure to please your guest, it is my very good friend, andy medina.

>> andy , so excited. kathie has been raving about this dish since you made it --

>> a couple of weeks ago. we had a big party and --

>> what did you do? you took a pumpkin --

>> well, what i like about this, because you can get pumpkins once a year, that's what makes this so special.

>> okay.

>> there are two great ingredients about this, which i like, which are the new mexico chili you put in here, only grown in the fall and pumpkins.

>> you appreciate it all the more, because you can only have it at this time of year.

>> exactly. like you can have the chili anytime, but the pumpkin you can only get once a year.

>> you hollow out the pumpkin.

>> we clean it out .

>> get all the gook out.

>> get all the gook out. what we want to do when you get all the gook out, you want to make sure you don't thin out the walls too much.

>> okay.

>> you're going to cook those walls.

>> right.

>> here is a clean one.

>> it will look like that when you're finished.

>> okay.

>> the most important thing is making sure we don't thin the walls out too much because this is our bowl.

>> our bowl.

>> our bowl. you got how much water?

>> about an inch of water in there. after we pour the fondue in there, we're going to cover it lightly with tin foil and cook it up.

>> for about an hour.

>> yes. we're going to add our ingredients, the flour, cumin and paprika.

>> what are you adding to that?

>> some chorizo in there, dried. stir that up, incorporate it all together. this is new mexico green chile . i order this every year, it comes from hatch, new mexico . i'm from colorado. this is a great --

>> dump that in there.

>> it makes it special.

>> pour that all together, we incorporate it all.

>> okay.

>> until the flour is a little toasty. what you do is pour in the chicken broth .

>> mm-hmm.

>> stir it up.

>> looks so good already. smells like --

>> it is just -- it is the most delicious thing you've ever had. it is so much fun. everybody was fighting over this.

>> what is this?

>> this is a mozzarella and a combination of monterey jack cheese and cheddar.

>> dump it in. oh, my god.

>> it is deadly, but delicious. it is worth it.

>> you take all this in and put it back in the pumpkin?

>> yes, i do. get it to where it melts a legal bit.

>> so it is really not that difficult at all. you made me think this was --

>> we got to try it. we have a few seconds. come on.

>> pour it in, cover it, andy , or no?

>> cover it with tin foil for an hour an take it off and cook it for ten more minutes.

>> can't wait. while you're enjoying that, andy made me the greatest margarita.

>> the most delicious. you get a little side of the pumpkin with it too, don't you?

>> yes.

>> so delicious.

>> get in there. how is it? i like it watch people eat.

>> you can't believe how awesome it is. everybody from the grandma to the little kids were diving into it.

>> this recipe, hard to remember everything, will be on our website, next week, we have julie andrews , christie brinkley and a alyssa milano and neil sedaka .

>> and gavin mccloud. have an awesome weekend, everybody. god bless .