TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Shine on your wedding day with these bridal trends

The Knot’s fashion editor Jennie Ma picks her four favorite trends from New York Bridal Fashion Week, from sparkly embellishments to barely-there color.

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>>> whether you're getting married indoors or on the beach or this is your first time down the aisle or not, the dress is often the main event .

>> on average brides spend about $ 1200 on their dress, but all the ones we're showing you today are less than that. here with the latest trends from new york's bridal fashion week is the knot fashion editor jenny ma.

>> what are some new trends?

>> there are tons of new trends. we're fresh off bridal fashion week. i saw a thousand dresses. i picked my four favorites to show you guys. i'm wearing all the trends right now. this dress by antonio gaw, a little teaser.

>> that's for a bride?

>> yes. but it is a little short, but --

>> adorable.

>> short but we'll get to it. should we start?

>> let's start.

>> sparkle is one of the trends. we have rebecca coming out.

>> serious sparkle is huge, really glamorous, a bride that really wants to stand out and shine. this dress is by morey lee and guess how much it is?

>> very expensive because of the beading. i'll say 300.

>> 949. so it is a little -- it is more than 100 but --

>> look at the back.

>> it looks gorgeous.

>> the jeweled headpiece is --

>> that we paired it with enchant enchanted, if you wear a long veil, it will snag on your dress. where something more manageable.

>> we have megan. she's wearing a barely there color.

>> that blush.

>> isn't that beautiful?

>> i love that.

>> a little sheen. did you see severia wang's runway show?

>> we talked about it.

>> pink dresses, down the runway, not for every bride. this is a great way to get a little bit of color. unexpected.

>> that is -- can you show us the back of that please, sweetie? so pretty.

>> $1,198.

>> what about the cuff bracelet she's got on?

>> we paired it with the -- higher necklines are making a huge comeback. you don't always want to wear a necklace.

>> perfect. looks great. let's bring out kimberly next. she's got a -- we're talking floral embellishment.

>> we have been seeing this all season, a lot of floral embridery. mini 3-d flowers. so romantic, so feminine. and look what she's holding. a fabric bouquet. isn't that really cool? yeah.

>> you can keep it forever.

>> keep it forever. won't wilt and you can make it with heirloom fabric from your mother's dress or grandmother's dress. that's autumn and grace bridal.

>> beautiful. thank you.

>> thank you.

>> we have short and sweet. emily is coming out with that.

>> sassy.

>> somebody intends to have an exciting life. so, i mean, this is aria, $975, such a great look, really flirty. it is great if you're having a city hall wedding, second wedding, don't want something very formal. or you can change into this for your reception.

>> for the reception.

>> you can dance. look at her fabulous shoes. you need amazing shoes with a short dress.

>> looks great.

>> badgely mischka.

>> beautiful.

>> isn't that great?

>> those are great. thanks, jenny. thank you, ladies.

>> you're all beautiful.