TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Make pan-seared halibut with spiced tomato jam

“Restaurant Express” chef Robert Irvine shares his delicious halibut recipe with a fall-spiced tomato jam and some easy-to-cook corn fritters.

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>>> a dish that packs a lot of flavors. robert irvine has been spending the last 25 years cooking his way across the world.

>> now he is heading to sin city and inviting you on board the restaurant express which is his latest cooking show where they try for an executive chef position in las vegas .

>> good morning, robert.

>> good morning.

>> you're going to show us an express recipe.

>> with today's life style we're so busy that this is a dish that can be done well in advance. put in a plastic container and put in the refrigerator and pulled out whenever you need it.

>> okay. sounds good.

>> tomatoes in here.

>> it's halibut.

>> we have pumpkin, great nutritional value, onions and tomato in there. a little bit of white vinegar.

>> okay.

>> here's the cool thing.

>> this makes the kick.

>> that gives the acidity. so we have celery leaves and fresh horseradish to give us a kick.

>> right.

>> most of us throw away celery leaves. you say keep them.

>> keep them. that gives it that great flavor. so while that's doing it's thing here. i've got halibut cut into small pieces. we do that so it cooks really fast and, al, you know, we like golden brown . a little bit of cumin. a lot of people don't use it and pepper.

>> delicious.

>> so we turn it over because we want seasoning on both sides.

>> want it seasoned, yeah.

>> halibut you can buy at any grocery store.

>> absolutely.

>> my daughters --

>> any particular oil you like?

>> i use grape seed oil . it's better for you than olive oil . it gets to a higher flashpoint and has no flavor.

>> so you're tasting whatever you're cooking.

>> you're tasting the fish. we're not doing this all day. a lot of people break the sere and that caramel golden brown look gets ruined.

>> let it sit.

>> let it sit and let it do it's thing. you can see the edges of the fish starting to brown up a little bit. we have let me juice, salt, pepper, and a little oil. corn fritters if you want corn fritters . food is supposed to be fun and it's supposed to be functional.

>> look at that.

>> and it takes seconds. by the time we have done this --

>> any other fish you like?

>> well, i love doing it with salmon also i. has a lot of fat in it. good fat and i like to eat food like that. my daughters love this. they do the prep the day before. i get them to dice things up and get them in the kitchen and involved. this can be done the day before in a plastic container in the refrigerator.

>> and i bet it's even better the next day.

>> it's better because the flavors melt. you can do this not only on the fish but we can do it on sandwiches. we can do it --

>> in less than two minutes it's cooked, right?

>> done.

>> people overcook fish a lot. i know you don't like when people overcook fish.

>> i don't like it. a little bit of jam on there. we can use this on sandwiches also. it's not just for fish.

>> just make a big thing of this and use it as a condiment.

>> look at that.

>> how simple. how easy is that?

>> these are corn fritters .

>> yes.

>> these look so good.

>> perfectly cooked on the inside. love it. robert irvine . great