TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

‘12 years a slave,’ Jay Z top entertainment buzz

USA Today’s entertainment reporter Arienne Thompson shares the biggest headlines, like the must-see movie “12 years a slave,” and Jay Z’s Vanity Fair cover story.

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>>> sweets and sneak peaks that are all the talk.

>> to kim kardashian showing off her post baby body, we have it all covers. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let's get right to it. let's talk about academy award winning actress gwyneth paltrow about to become the subject of a vanity fair story which may not be so flattering.

>> this has gotten a lot of buzz and the new york times reported that gwyneth sent out an e-mail for her famous friends. she sent an e-mail saying don't talk to vanity fair . if they ask you to talk about me don't say anything. it's interesting as to why she would say that and the editor of vanity fair says she forced our hand. we're going to run this story. we don't know what the story is about.

>> how is it forcing his hand?

>> you know, it just seems like the sort of very insidery hollywood feud.

>> gossip.

>> and people looked ativanty fair to say you're being much tougher on celebrities. it might have people very scared.

>> they have done that in the past.

>> right. they talked about the troubles that brad pitt 's movie had. they talked about tom cruz and scientology. they're real journalists and they probe and ask real questions and it could have people scared.

>> she couldn't get to one friend quickly enough because jay-z is on the cover this month.

>> jay-z is his own man. he is still going to do his vanity fair cover. so i guess that message didn't get quite through.

>> she is moving into the lifestyle area and recently martha stewart had something to say, basically, a back handed compliment.

>> and i love martha for that. she is always like i'm really the queen of this and that's basically what she said. she said gwyneth is pretty and creative and i've never eaten at her house or hung out with her. i'm sure she wants to be a lifestyle person wbut i'm the one that started this. let's get it straight. not a lot of people in love with gwyneth right now.

>> here's number one on, the booty call seen around the world at this point.

>> yes.

>> kim kardashian .

>> bootylicious picture.

>> i like how we blur.

>> i know, al, in that picture it actually looks like she has a wedgey which is not sexy at all but she just has -- she has a lot going on.

>> you think?

>> she has her own zip code .

>> but the best part is her boyfriend kanye west tweeted heading home now.

>> in capital letters .

>> all caps.

>> that's a good one.

>> good response.

>> if you look at the picture again someone tweeted out does kim kardashian live in the back of a sushi restaurant.

>> i was wondering where she was too.

>> zac efron has a romantic comedy that will make you scream, all of us together now, awkward.

>> awkward.

>> what's going on here.

>> the movie is that awkward moment and it's about modern dating and hot guys in new york. what's interesting about this is zac efron started with high school musical , right? very bubble gum, all american. this trailer which is like, you know, nc-17 almost is crazy. f bombs, c bombs.

>> wow.

>> we have a very blurred friday.

>> what's happening in this photograph.

>> i can't really tell you all the details but let's say he popped a little blue pill and was having trouble using the facilities.

>> four hours of trouble.

>> they popped a blue pill he and his friends but it's going to get a lot of buzz because one of the co-stars will surely be in the award season race with his movie. so they're ramping up the buzz right now.

>> real quickly "12 years a slave" opening up.

>> talk about oscar buzz. that's the movie to see. if you're not doing anything this weekend go see this movie.

>> hard to watch.

>> hard to watch but important to watch.

>> a free black man gets captured and resold into slavery.

>> grim stuff but great direction.