TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

TODAY’s Take: More men doing grocery shopping

TODAY’s Willie Geist, Al Roker and Natalie Morales talk about the buzziest topics of the day,  like Natalie accidently stumbling upon online live porn and “manfluencers,” or men who are starting to do more of the grocery shopping.

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>> natalie, you shop a lot online.

>> yes.

>> more than you bargained for.

>> i had a true confession to make. remember we were talking about the survey that a lot of us do things online and don't want others to know what we do online. i said i was guilty of shopg online.

>> just shopping .

>> for clothes. my husband will walk by and i'll minimize the screen quickly. yesterday i'm shopping online and looking for a specific dress from a certain designer, female named designer.

>> sure.

>> so i put in a search for the name of the i'm not going to give you the name because what it lead me too was live porn.

>> live porn.

>> and who happens to walk by me right in that moment, my husband.

>> who is thinking, all right.

>> not only am i now caught shopping but i'm shopping and watching porn at the same time.

>> you are the greatest wife in the world.

>> meanwhile, this was a well-known designer and you put the name in there and you're like this is unreal.

>> so what did you order?

>> and then i tried to minimize it -- i was trying to get rid of it and it kept popping up and i kept hearing the noises in the background. and my husband is like the fbi is going to show up at our door right now. i'm like i'm blaming you.

>> as you pointed out, it was a multicamera shoot. very nicely directed.

>> different homes at the same time.

>> wow.

>> so now i'm really guilty.

>> the funny thing is you have so many details about what you saw, i don't believe that you minu minimized it that quickly.

>> no, i was trying to get rid of it.

>> it took 40 minutes.

>> then it would take me to another couple and another person.

>> that's fun.

>> oh my gosh. it was unbelievable. unbelievable.

>> but i think when you start taking notes.

>> i was like maybe my computer is infected.

>> it is now, with something.

>> so i'm upstairs in hoda --

>> hoda's dressing room.

>> i was on hoda's computer. natalie says i swear type in the name of this designer so i did and sure enough.

>> live.

>> wow, live. it is live and --

>> a lot of people at 9:00 in the morning doing things they shouldn't be doing so explicitly.

>> grocery shopping .

>> let's move on.

>> right.

>> cleaner topics.

>> yeah, this doesn't sound that clean. according to the wall street journal there's a new trend, food makers are eager trying to win over men who are doing more and more of the grocery shopping . they have coined the term called manflunec manflun manflunecers.

>> christina.

>> how much is milk?

>> expensive here. $5 or $6.

>> you're buying the organic kind.

>> i do all of the shopping .

>> you do all of it?

>> yeah, yeah. i think we --

>> you do the cooking too.

>> i do the cooking too. but you have to look at, i don't know last year's calendar to find a time deborah went to the store.

>> deborah, you can respond if you'd like.

>> it's all good. i like doing it.

>> they say because more and more men are doing the shopping and the cooking as well that they're starting to size up certain portion sizes like meat or produce, things that would attract men to the produce or the meat they want to size up a little bit.

>> they're changing the labeling and packaging.

>> larger portions, darker color schemes .

>> live porn on the back.

>> that works nicely.

>> twisted and sick.

>> it is.

>> you set us on a course this morning.

>> i had to share because i still feel so guilty. i need a shower. my computer needs a shower, clearly.

>> we need to scrub that computer.

>> i'm interested in your take on this. should you offer a pregnant woman a seat. seems like an obvious answer. but a pregnant british politician was forced to stand for 40 minutes.

>> she is seven months pregnant.

>> she is britain's equality minister. she arrived late and stood during question time while hundreds of other politicians sat.

>> so they know she is pregnant.

>> they know.

>> they know her condition. it's very visible.

>> there were a lot of tweets and reaction to it over there. one reporter said quite remarkable that no one offered her a seat. shocking lack of manners and decency. swenson did tweet later about to get on the tube. seat offers welcome and not sexist but i was happier standing at prime minister's question section today. every time i get on the subway and a woman gets on and she is pregnant, i always stand anyway because i don't need a seat.

>> what if she is not pregnant or does have the baby.

>> i look at the guys sitting there, get off your rear end.

>> this is the way i was raised. one of the things my dad said is if you see a woman come on the bus or subway you get up and give them a seat.

>> that's just a woman. people with kids or lots of packages. i'd rather frankly be standing up than sitting sometimes on a new york subway.

>> me too. but you know what happens, everybody is lost on the subway. they have the ear buds in, they're reading a book.

>> they're digin'.

>> more on digin' in a moment.

>> just get up.

>> it's just common curtesy.

>> okay. how about eye contact . are you into eye contact ?

>> we talk about this. we have a lot of studies on appropriate eye contact .

>> for our next segment.

>> speaking of, making eye contact willie.

>> according to a study, eye contact makes you less likely to win an argument. it flies in the face of what we have been told. a new study, participants watch videos of speakers expressing controversial opinions. the result, people less likely to shift their opinion when speaker made direct eye contact . i think it's direct constant eye contact that's so creepy.

>> when you don't look away .

>> when you never blink.

>> no negotiating when you're intense eye contact .

>> i think it creeps people out.

>> my kids, we do that a lot. we have staring contests. who can blink first. it's silly. but we enjoy it.

>> don't be weird and stair the whole time.

>> right.

>> look away .

>> look away .

>> like if somebody isn't listening to you, if they're staring you do, you feel like it's not registering.

>> they're just waiting.

>> waiting for their open.

>> so i was distracted earlier.

>> a wonderful, sweet young lady walked in wearing a costume for halloween that a lot of us are like, wow. but apparently there's question about whether we're taking sexy too far.

>> we are.

>> in the halloween costumes .

>> so there's one website where you can dress up as a sexy pizza for example.

>> pizza.

>> are you all right wearing that? we haven't put you in a bad spot.

>> no, of course not.

>> you look good in it i will say.

>> that's a spicy meatball.

>> you never thought what.

>> pizza could be sexy.

>> i guess it can. carrot too.

>> corn on the cob .

>> first i thought it was a par parody but on the website there's no parody about it.

>> it's kind of cute if you think about it.

>> sexy bathtub. what the heck?

>> that's a shower and the shower head i guess.

>> wow, that's terrible.

>> i don't see that one at all.

>> okay. moving on from that but you look great.

>> thank you.

>> digin'.

>> digin' is the word we all launched. al, you missed it that day.

>> i did.

>> but the world has been digin' every day.

>> i'm being dragged along.

>> al is coming around on digin'. the popular daily news letter the skim included the word in it's morning e-mail today. quote of the day , digin', that's the lead on their news letter today.

>> soft g.

>> soft g because it's way better than bacne. try using it in a sentence, just not sporadically.

>> i think it's going to happen. i feel good about digin'.

>> do you?

>> and the oxford dictionary responded to us and they said well if it catches on and people are using it, we would consider it.

>> ifs in there.

>> a lot of ifs.

>> we have to beg people to start digin'.

>> but people have did not digin' since we launched it on friday and i have seen it on my twitter feed every day.

>> tens of people.

>> tens of people floating around the world.

>> keep digin' folks. we believe.

>> get us in the dictionary.

>> you and the captain can make it happen.