TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Parents are less hip than they think: Here’s why

According to a new study, one in four parents thinks they’re “uncool,” and four in 10 feel they are out of touch with the younger generation. Reasons for the culture gap include not knowing the No. 1 chart-topping song and not being able to work an iPhone.

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>> trending on facebook, what our kids really think of us. we all like to think we're hip parents. do your kids think you're cool?

>> of course. very much so.

>> no.

>> i fall into this category. a quarter of parents say their kids see them as uncool. here's the top five reasons. okay. so, for example, number five, you own a sensible car like a minivan. yes, true. your outfits. my daughter said i wear mom jeans . true.

>> you wear mom jeans ?

>> i don't think they are.

>> dad jeans.

>> you don't know new song lyrics .

>> you're good on that.

>> i am good at that.

>> you can't work your new iphone and you don't know the number one song on the charts.

>> right now, katy perry .

>> no.

>> royals.

>> yeah.