TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Female model passes as man to prolong career

Elliott Sailors, 31, is using androgyny to give her modeling career a new start. With freshly shaved locks and a wrapped bust, Sailors has begun her career as a male model after receiving criticism from the female modeling industry for looking too masculine and old.

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>> on twitter, here are two stories about what happens to beautiful women. the first one, this is really interesting. 31-year-old model who wasn't finding much work, so she decided to reinvent herself as a male model . well, now she hides her curves, and she says the unusual move actually helped her career and she told the new york post that unlike female models, male models don't need to look as young.

>> she is beautiful as a man or a woman.

>> does she go to the castings telling them she is a woman or she tries to fool them?

>> we don't know.

>> the taylor too.

>> someone is going to figure out that she is a female model.

>> well, her story is out