TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

8 plus-size fashion myths debunked

Kahlana Barfield from InStyle debunks some common myths about plus-size fashion, such as avoiding horizontal stripes, stiletto heels or oversize shirts.

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>>> 8:38 and we're here to debunk a popular fashion myth. we've all heard certain trends don't work on full figured bodies but the folks at in style say you can rock any look you want no matter what your size is. okay. she is the magazine's beauty editor and she is here with us this morning. true? i don't believe it.

>> curvy women can do it all. we're going to show you.

>> all right. first, we're going to begin right here and we're going to begin with stripes, right?

>> yeah.

>> we'll begin with stripes and we're always told don't buy stripes.

>> yeah. so it's all about the width of the stripe. a curvy woman should do a thicker width because it's more proportional with her frame. tend stripes can make you look a little larger so thicker stripe. this is about two inches wide. we love this look. it's gorgeous.

>> it's all about the size of the stripe.

>> it's all about the size of the stripe. exactly.

>> all right. myth number two, miniskirts.

>> curvy women heard they can't wear miniskirts. they should.

>> only if you have good legs?

>> well, no. it's all about the shape. this is an a line skirt. it hides your hips and accentuates your waist. you can pair it with tights.

>> so much has to do also with comfort with your own body and your own self-esteem.

>> and confidence.

>> absolutely. okay. there you go. looking beautiful there. okay. stripes, make them big. all right. now we're going to talk about another myth. another fashion myth. dresses that emphasize your waist.

>> i like your attitude girl.

>> she has the attitude today. you don't need to wear a dress that emphasizes your waist. you can do a straight dress or shift dress as long as there's something interesting about it. make sure it's not too long. this one stops right above the knee. otherwise it can look like a sack. she also has a short sleeve. it's nice to balance it out.

>> another myth about stelletos. there's a myth that you can't wear them. but every woman can wear them as long as you can walk in them.

>> exactly. they're sexy and pair them with a tight. she is wear the black booties with the tight and that makes her taller.

>> why is that important? it makes your legs look thinner.

>> thinner and longer.

>> is this a fall look?

>> it's a great look for fall. with the tights and the booties it's perfect for fall.

>> and i like, one again, the attitude. the attitude to match. to rock it. we'll take a look at another myth. what's our myth going on here? that we shouldn't wear leggings.

>> that you shouldn't wear leggings or oversized tops. this is all about playing with proportion. if you're going to do a blousey top you want to do tighter pant.

>> also she is pairing stelletos with the leggings. it's about playing with your proportion.

>> so often we're referring to plus sizes. these are normal sizes in the united states of america . these are curvy sensual women. i think we have to change our language around this category as well.

>> totally.

>> looking great there. that's right. confident once again. now to bring attention to the face with jewelry.

>> jewelry. totally the accessory, statement, necklace can embellish any outfit.

>> final myth. i think it's number four.

>> yes, it's all about sweats looking sloppy and this is totally false. especially during a time now where designers are really embracing sweats. it's a sweatshirt.

>> that's a sweatshirt.

>> a sweatshirt but it's embellished with jewels. it's really fashion forward of the moment right now and we're pairing this with boyfriend jeans which is something a lot of people think that curvier women can't pull off but they're comfortable. you want them to hit at your waist.

>> why do we call these boyfriend jeans?

>> because they're loose and comfortable and usually distressed in the knee area.

>> maybe bar rafaeli , she can't get a guy so maybe she can put them on.

>> put on the boyfriend jeans and get a boyfriend. thank you for coming and the models that rocked it. it's always good to debunk myths.