TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Digin! Willie campaigns for new word in dictionary

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales have launched a campaign to get the word “digin” included in the Oxford English Dictionary. Pronounced “dijin,” the word means to be engrossed in social media. To become an official new word, Oxford says, it must be used in newspapers, books, magazines and in casual contexts.

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>> to bring you up to date on a campaign that willie, al and i all launched on the third hour here.

>> al is reluctant but we'll push it forward.

>> we heard the oxford dictionary is looking for new words so we invented one and nominated it. the word is digin. needless to say, digin is sweeping the nation.

>> it wasn't all that long ago the internet was a mystery, even to our "today" show anchors.

>> can you explain what internet is?

>> two decades later, a whole new language born of the internet age , blog, tweet, cloud, and hashtag all part of every day vernacular. how about digin.

>> it means to use social media . willie, go ahead.

>> hey, natalie , what are you doing over there? natalie , what is that?

>> i can't --

>> say it. it's going to take off.

>> i'm digin.

>> you're digin right now?

>> i'm digin right now.

>> but to make it official, a newly invented word would have to be used by a large number of people in an array of different sources such as newspapers, books and magazines as well as more casual contexts such as personal blogs and electronic communications . so we're doing our best for digin'.

>> people love it.

>> if we don't make it in the dictionary i'll win an academy award for my acting.

>> natalie , what are you doing right now?

>> i want a word. we have to try harder than that. you can have a word too. next time you're back, bring a word with you.

>> that's what's trending today. still