TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Take a look inside Bob Hope’s $27 million home

It’s been 10 years since entertainer Bob Hope passed away, and now the public is getting it first chance to look inside his 15,000-square-foot Los Angeles home, which boasts a rose garden and a personal backyard golf green. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports. hr

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>> of the most popular entertainers in history. now the home where he swapped jokes and sipped cocktails with presidents and other stars is up for sale. it is the first time television cameras have ever been allowed inside. take a look.

>> reporter: behind these iron gates , each one branded with a giant h sits a massive house that for nearly 75 years belonged to one family. the historic home of bob and delores hope, now for sale.

>> thanks for the memories of rainy afternoons.

>> reporter: for the legendary star of tv and film there was no shortage of memories made in this home. the place where he raised all four of his kids. today, ten years after bob's death and two years after delores , the hope house is on the market for $27.5 million.

>> the standing joke was whenever bob left town, delores would remodel or add on. whenever he would come home he would say where is this room? where is that room? everything is different.

>> reporter: here legends like liz taylor would hold court and by the piano musicians would sing with bob. here in bob's study, george burns , johnny carson and milton burrel would sit around and share jokes and argue over who they belonged to.

>> he lives in this star studded stretch of the neighborhood.

>> when my wife and i lived here from new york city we called our friends back east and said we were moving bob hope adjacent.

>> reporter: the house is staged for selling with the hope's furniture art and antiques recently auctioned off but the property bears permanent symbols of their passions like delorse's rose gardens and bob's backyard golf hole he would fondly show case. a house with a legendary reputation just waiting for a new owner to make new memories. for today, joe friar, nbc news los angeles .

>> i just hope someone doesn't buy it and gut it.