TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Stephen Colbert pokes fun at pope, mayor at fundraiser

Comedian Stephen Colbert headlined the Aldred E. Smith Dinner, a fundraising event for the Catholic Church, and everyone from Henry Kissinger to Pope Francis and Mayor Michael Bloomberg was the butt of his jokes.

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>>> a big charity event was held here in new york city last night. the alfred e. smith dinner. it's an annual fund-raiser for the catholic church and steven colbert was the keynote speaker and no one in the room was safe from his humor.

>> my god, i'm standing in front of dr. henry and maria. you guys are dating now, right? everyone looks to lovely tonight, you know? it's like we all showed up at the same halloween party dressed as the monopoly guy. and that's kind of fitting because the wall street guys evidently have a get out of jail free card. if pope francis were throwing tonight's party we wouldn't be at white tie at the waldorf we'd be in sweat pants at the ihop splitting a fresh and fruity. chris matthews is here. good to see you chris. how are you? everybody knows chris is host of "hardball." i have good news. having hardball is now covered by obama care. is mayor bloomberg here? he's a very tiny man. the real reason he doesn't want drink cups larger than 16 ounces is he's afraid he might drown in one.

>> ouch.

>> that is the tone of that dinner every single year. so nothing different about that.