Image: The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends A Sportaid Athlete Workshop
Ian Gavan / Getty Images

TODAY   |  October 18, 2013

Spike it! Kate plays volleyball in wedge heels

The Duchess of Cambridge made her first solo public appearance since giving birth to Prince George at a volleyball event for young athletes. She and husband Will are planning the private christening of their son next week. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> much. the duchess of cambridge is keeping herself busy as she prepares for the christening of her son prince george . michelle kosinski is in london where kate is turning heads as usual. michelle, good morning to you.

>> reporter: hey, matt, sometimes people ask what is modern royalty for? well, you might say carrying on tradition and helping people and that's exactly what they have been doing. new generation is into the power of sports and today kate was here at the olympic park . her first solo appearance since becoming a mother. catherine duchess of cambridge look as fit as ever three months after giving birth to the future king. at an event to help support some of the most promising athletes in sports that don't always get information.

>> to have her as our patron is amazing.

>> reporter: 17-year-old reuben is britain's number one young saber fencer, hopefully olympic bound.

>> something i want more than anything.

>> reporter: the princes have also been big boosters of sports lately as william and kate settle into their new life as a family. william has left active military to focus on royal duty. they have moved into their incredible new apartment at kensington palace and william knighted his first loyal subject. an ancient ceremony, william even got to use the sword.

>> be careful, i guess.

>> reporter: and next week, the family will come together for a special event they are keeping private, the christening of baby george here in st. james's palace built by henry viii in the castle we elizabeth prayed and where princess diana 's body lay before her funeral.

>> it should be an enormous moment of joy. here we have a new prince, a new hope, and a new injection of the future of the british monarchy .

>> the british press has been full of stories about how william and kate are breaking this tradition and not picking any royals to be god parents for baby george. although their real choices won't be known until the day of the christening.