TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Mediterranean chefs whip up artichoke, spinach tarts

London cooking duo Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi recently released a new cookbook, and give Kathie Lee and Hoda a taste of their bold, colorful Mediterranean flavors with a Jerusalem artichoke and spinach tart, as well as a sweet potato galette.

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>>> it is time for today's kitchen, and our up likely pair have cooked up a recipe for success. they own several restaurants in london together and they're out with their new cookbook. look at you two. how did you get together?

>> i'm a jew and we sort of got together in london.

>> a while ago.

>> and we make delicious food and we have great restaurant and we've come to cook you.

>> what are we trying to make at the end?

>> we're making a char. these will boil and i'm going to saute some spinach.

>> in olive oil .

>> of course you are.

>> this is what we have.

>> what is this?

>> this is swiss shard.

>> we love it.

>> and you will like it, as well.

>> this thing that you just peeled again -- where do you find that?

>> any green grocer has it. it's a root. and it's absolutely delicious.

>> come help me.

>> i'll help her.

>> so we have heavy cream .

>> pour in the whole thing?

>> oh, my gosh.

>> is that fresh?

>> i guess i'm going to have to try this because hoda can't. she has, you know -- some issues.

>> are we talk about why there was no wine here on the set? we were promised wine.

>> that is just wrong on every level.

>> so salt. pepper.

>> i know we have a very short amount of time, so --

>> smells good.

>> so the whole idea is you show the ingredients in the tart. you really want to show them. so that's spinach and we arrange like that. and then we take feta, best cheese ever. and we arrange it like that.

>> do you put the sauce on it?

>> and put the custard on. but let us see the other.

>> okay. the swiss part. all right. let's eat it.

>> are they still talking?

>> we made some other ones, too.

>> these are some additions from our book.

>> i want to try this one. is there any dairy in there?

>> yes, there about is. just a little bit of sour cream .

>> oh, my gosh. that's delicious. that is unbelievable.