TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Say goodbye to gravel! Boost curb appeal with a new lawn

A green garden will open your front yard and make your home feel more inviting, says TODAY real estate expert Barbara Corcoran. She shows viewers the little changes they can make to improve their home’s appearance.

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>>> start doing this weakekend to make your house the envy of the block.

>> today barbara corken is here with great suggestions. and we'll see if we agree with her. hi, barbara .

>> easy to do and inexpensive.

>> all the more better.

>> let's start with carolyn's home. you said one of the first things she needed to do is take care of landscaping issues.

>> what you see in that house is a large tree that dwarfs a typical ranch house . a problem with a lot of older homes.

>> and what is that?

>> gravel for good drain allege, but forg drain annua drainage, but forget about the drain allege. you want your house looking pretty. the front door has to be replac replaced. actually all i did was take the storm door off and paint the door and add a fancy knocker. and concrete steps. there were no steps.

>> what happened to the tree?

>> got rid of the tree.

>> oh, barbara , no.

>> but inside now it's doubly bright.

>> let's move on to laura's home.

>> this is almost like a ranch style home with a carport. and the problem with homes like this,s main event is the driveway. so you have to fight that driveway. notice the lawn, they're missing that driveway every day. you can tell that.

>> they stopped by the pub on the way home.

>> and one cat bettegory here, one category here. so that's been filled in on the driveway and that's pretty. and they put in a nice small tree here to balance the house . also the yard has been leveled. it felt like the house was tilting left.

>> can we go back for a second?

>> you're very bossy.

>> no, why didn't you go to your neighbor and say let's put in a nicer fence.

>> you can put it in on your side. you can cover that up.

>> it's like barbed wire.

>> it says trailer park . and maybe that is a trail aer park behind.

>> hanging the wash on the fence or whatever it is.

>> does look a lot better about that.

>> looks a heck of a lot better. this is a house that has too much house and not enough front lawn. and then they donate a big chunk of the lawn to gravel and the mini me plants. all the lines are going parallel and too busy. it has to be quieted town. so now we painted the garage ors. wait until you see what happens.

>> do you like the door?

>> i love the door. you couldn't find the door a minute ago. at least you know where the door is. and look at how the house just got quieted down by toning down some of the paint colors and eliminating some of the cross lines. it's a pretty house , but too much house . and listen, that's feature if you kind of like hoses, i'm not interested and neither are the buyers out there.

>> all right. barbara , thank you.

>> i could do a whole