TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

Ambushed! Cancer survivor feels like a princess

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give head-to-toe makeovers to two women, including a 54-year-old grandma who survived cancer, and a free spirit from Alabama whose multi-colored locks needed to be tamed.

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>>> we're back with more of "today," ready to do what we always to about this time.

>> plaza ambush makeovers. two lucky ladies are surprised with hot new looks. it never gets old. hi, guys.

>> the group better than ever. i say it every week, but this week, weren't they begging? mother, sister, husbands, you could not believe it.

>> well, first up is pam , she's 54 years old.

>> she had quite a few colors in her hair.

>> she had a variety. she does not wear makeup. is this pal. because she doesn't know how to apply.

>> a lot of ladies have trouble with that.

>> so she was thrilled when we approached her. let's take a listen.

>> they have the signs going please ambush me, please ambush my taught. so this is really a family thing. tell me why.

>> she's the best daughter ever. she's a hard worker. she works 50 hours a week and she's a seven year cancer survivor and a wonderful mom. and grandmom.

>> grandmom? wow. you look too young to be a grandmom. so this is so rnt for to you. you told me you have to have this.

>> i just don't feel beautiful right now and i just would like to feel better.

>> you look beautiful, but we'll make you more glam. what will your hubby say?

>> i hope he'll say i look great.

>> cover your eyes there, millie. bob, don't cry. i mean it. so keep your blind fold on just up i give you the green light , okay? so here is pam before. all right, pam , let's see the new you. oh, yeah. take off your blind fold.

>> wow.

>> you're gorgeous. love your hair.

>> i feel like i'm looking at somebody else.

>> you are looking at the fabulous you.

>> my tad said i was a princess and now i feel like one.

>> that's sweet.

>> thank you to everyone. thank you, mom.

>> pam , look right here so we can see you.

>> bob, i'm warning you. look at bob.

>> that's a great look.

>> what more could we ask for than to look like a princess. a straight haircut with the bangs, very stylish, very simple to maintain. and what i did did is i added depth to the color again. and the key tip here is remember, emphasize one facial feature . today we went with the lips. great color.

>> love it. we have to talk to millie and especially bob, too. what do you guys think?

>> she looks beautiful.

>> we need some kleenexs.

>> thank you.

>> what do you think?

>> my big sister . she has a very big heart and she looks fantastic.

>> she's beautiful.

>> jill, that's a perfect dress.

>> right? black and white , a huge trend for fall and winter.

>> just darling. so happy for you.

>> thank you.

>> i love it when people are so happy. our second lady we hope we have the same results with. her name is jenelle, 60 years old. she's always looking for something different to do with her hair but hasn't found a look she's really satisfied with. so she begged to us give her a whole new style. let's hear her story.

>> well, we certainly did not pick you because of your creative sign. it looks like you just wrote this up. but what's with all the colors in your hair? you got a lot going on.

>> i do. i have a lot of desire to just keep changing. i did have purple in there, as well.

>> and you said please do this.

>> oh, i did. yes. she wants it. she's wanted to years. she always thought she could make it on the stage.

>> oh, make it on the stage. well, kathie lee and hoda, get ready.

>> she's fantastic.

>> put on your blind fold.

>> we'll take one last look of jenelle.

>> oh, my gosh. all right respect ro, ross, take off the blinders.

>> oh, my god. she looks as cute as when i picked her up in el salvador .

>> turn around, baby.

>> wow. i came in with white hair .

>> look at you.

>> oh, my gosh. i love it!

>> it's a little carol burnett .

>> yeah.

>> all right. so tell us.

>> well, don't ever let it be said that i'm afraid to accept a challenge. i had three different colors to work with. but what i did is i made her a darker brown, but left new answers of color in her hair. the haircut has a lot of style, a little more towards the face. the long sexy bangs. and love the lipstick color, it makes the whole thing pop together.

>> so flirty and sexy. and a great dress.

>> look at your outat the time.

>> we coordinated.

>> and the embellishment is attached.

>> let's bring pam out. great job, everybody. i'm happy for everybody.

>>> a way to boost your curb appeal right after this. i'll call you in a little bit. google... how do i get home? getting directions.