TODAY   |  October 17, 2013

15 years later, Will and Grace still make us laugh

Eric McCormack and Debra Messing, stars of the modern classic sitcom “Will and Grace,” sit down to celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary. Their chemistry is still just as it was in their first season, when the two best friends were “both lookin’ for a great guy.”

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>>> we just thought we might want to toast will and grace on their 15th anniversary. but 15 years, you were just a munchkin, a little sitcom called will and grace was on television. it was ground breaking . it was met by criticism by some for its openly gay character, but it didn't take long for to become must see tv earning 83 emmy nominations and taking home 16 awards. and that little show turned in to one of tv's most successful series. for eight years debra messing and eric mccormick -- tried it but didn't work.

>> hi, guys.

>> hard to believe. does it make you feel old or just grateful?

>> makes me excited.

>> i'm grateful to be old.

>> that's right. it means we're not dead.

>> and you're both still working. you've launched into whatever else successful you've done.

>> yes. it's shocking that it's been 15 years. it does not feel that at all.

>> so many shows he said end up on the air and they don't withstand the test of time. the fact that now you can turn on the tv and there you guys are. did you ever think it would have this kind of legs, the show?

>> we knew we were doing something funny. but something else happened, you know. there was a relevance now because of what the vice president said last year, because of the whole gay marriage push and marriage equality , that's what we were -- from the beginning that's what we both were doing. we both were looking for a great guy.

>> you presented a character that happened to be gay, but they were loveable people. they were human beings . and a lot of people have never met a gay person or they don't know that they are.

>> they think they haven't.

>> anybody who has ever been to a thanksgiving dinner has met a gay person.

>> but they aren't aware of it sometimes.

>> did you know it was ground breaking at the time?

>> we knew that the premise was edgy. and i think we didn't know whether or not we would be embraced.

>> first time we came out, nbc it didn't even want us saying the word gay. but we eased in there so that by the time --

>> we laugh at ourselves.

>> how did you get through it, though? like the old carol burnett shows when you're laughing at the antics of these people you're working with.

>> we did for all eight seasons abo . at the end of every season, we would have the longest blooper reel because we would break up and laugh and swear and laugh. it was a joy.

>> you're clearly good friends. do the four of you get back together, do you have dinners?

>> when was the last time all four of us were in a room? it's hard. we were together three of us last week.

>> and you two get together when you're in new york, right?

>> we try.

>> we go out for dinner and freak people out.

>> we're going out somewhere for dinner tonight in new york, but we're not telling anybody. good luck.

>> we'll be out there!

>> to people still identify you from that show or do they it talk about things that happened --

>> they definitely talk about the new things, you byou but when people are together --

>> one time we walked in to a restaurant and we didn't have reservations and i thought the waiter was going to drop his tray.

>> he thought he was on tv.

>> we have a couple of questions from fans.

>> our facebook fan wants to know what would you have changed if anything when you look back on the show.

>> three more seasons probably.

>> yeah.

>> i think we made a very strategic to he said ephe said end it while we were on top, but looking back --

>> i think selfishly we would have loved to have gone to work and laughed together every day for a couple more years. ultimately he we loved the show so much, we wanted to protect it.

>> hard to find that magic again, though.

>> well, really happy for you. congratulations. we should point out that we tv is celebrating the anniversary with mini marathons of the series going on now through the end of the year. so pop the popcorn.